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  1. The police can't stop 13 year old kids driving to school on motorbikes..... so a Merc is certainly a bit of a challenge. ........ and we thought Benny Hill was funny .. !!
  2. I wonder how long it must take to remove all this DSI officer's badges, 'medal' ribbons, rank tabs and other awards off before laundering and then put them all back on again after ironing ? Typical Third World approach to decorating a uniform.
  3. Oh dear. Where will the break dancing teens be able to perform ?. How will the conjurer be able to have an audience as he pulls a card from behind a tourist's ear ? And how will the 7 year old girl be able to display her hula hoop skills at 1130 pm as her mother counts the money ? How will the ping pong ball show touts be able to operate ? Will their be enough room for the squads of Chinese to squeeze between the food carts in order to keep up with the 'follow me' flag waving guide ? And what about the Tourist Police, will they still have a desk opposite the bar with the Russian lass gyrating in the upstairs window ? Will I still be able to buy a bunch of roses from the flower sellers before the get chased off the street ? So many things that the Mayor must take into consideration before I even think of returning to Pattaya.....
  4. A one inch vent pipe should be fitted. The concrete slab top should have a one inch hole for the pipe.
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