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  1. Thanks, Joe. Yes, I've had an extension. Thanks for letting me know about that. When I applied for my tourist visa I crossed the border by land so I wasn't sure if that toursit visa counted, but as you've clarified, I've only used one visa exempt entry so far. Cheers!
  2. This year I have had one 60 day tourist visa issued in Vientiane and have done one run to the Kanchanaburi/Myanmar border which gave me 30 days. Apparently, I can do two border runs per year. I want to visit friends in Vientiane and was wondering if I can do a border run to Laos or would I have to apply for a second toursit visa if I go there? Will they give me a stamp for 30 days given that I have had a 60 day tourist visa issued in Vientiane earlier this year?
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