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  1. Ive already been there and done that. Well straight up told the police what i will do if something happens again. And yes it was a very violent action inwas admiting. And i told them too that if you dont like it then do your jobs so i dont have to be in a situation where i need to take such extreme actions to secure my personal safety.
  2. Hence why i never use public transportation here. I always either rent a car or motorbike or buy 1. Then take myself places. Then i cant get scamed or my life 100% in someone elses hands. As my life is now 50% in my hands.
  3. Yes the dead had a weapon. Are you going to tell me that if bullman broke into your room in a hotel or your apartment in an out of control vilent rage that you wouldnt grab something to try and protect yourself with too. Clearly he was intending to cause serious or critical injuries or death when he chose to break into the room and attack him. If i had a gun and someome broke into my place they get 1 warning before i shoot them dead if they even get a warning. Even then i know how to fight so if no gun they would be taken down at ant cost to them and held by any means nessary until police arrive then released into their hands informing both the attacker and the police that if they dont deal with them and they try anything again i will just kill them onsite out of fear and concern for my life and take the next interaction with them as an act to take my life. So would someone who commited a violent crime with the intension of doing so deserve to be let go no. Its one thing if face to face and things get heated and someone dies in the heat of the moment before you even realize what you did. But to break into someone elses room or apartment takes time to think about it and time to make happen thus it was a thought out plan at that time not something happening in the heat if the moment. A thought out attack of this level of violence and decided to make happen should not be relased. Heat of the moment attack could be seen as a possible bail relase depending on the circumstances.
  4. Im living in bkk and over the past week ive drove through mild flooding and last night nearly high enough on the rama 9 overpass to flood my engine. Id say if it was 4 cm higher it would have got into my engines airintake. So it most definately is in central thailand.
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