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  1. I can't even tell you how many Thais I've met that want out of here because they have said Thailand has not good anymore and only getting worse. Thailand has no future. These are all current university students recently graduated or high school seniors that if they could would leave Thailand after high school and study at University abroad. Then only come back to thailand to visit family sometimes.
  2. Exactly. Last time I got a vacine I started getting sick always and hospital level sick too. Like when I get sick I am sitting with a fever of 42 or higher tend to look like I'm about to die and so on. And I normally stay like this for at least a week and even back and forth for a month or longer. Before my last vacine I never got sick like this. And also we not get covid before the vacine and if we get the vacine then we all if a sudden gett covid are they going to pay for all our medical bills as a result. What if it ended up costing us our lives. Are our loved ones going to be appropriately
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