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  1. From the video i see no evidence of a broken leg from the massage. Now a massage that would not be comfortable or not possibly cause an injury like a sprain or some other muscle injury yes. Hut getting up and walking away just fine afterwards. No way her leg was broken. I think she had a preexisting leg problem ans what he did only made it worse. Then since was not to her liking the massage decided he could be liable for her medical bills. Again some of what he did i don't agree with and could see causing some sort of injury but not a broken leg. As for myself i have gotten massages here but only from licenaed day spas with fully licensed massage therapist from thailand stop massage schools. Where a 1 hr thai is at least 500. So was he right no. Is he liable for a preexisting injuries or problems no. Should he be allowed to continue to give massages no to that as well.
  2. As others have stated. This won't make any difference. The solution is the police actually going out there and enforcing traffic laws.
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