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  1. I have my open water license and agree that musks idea wouldnt have worked but the way vernon responded was way ouy of line too. To claim that elon had no care at all for the kids is a horrible thing to say when as far as we can prove elon was honestly trying to help. Lets face facts he is good about electric cars and things like that and space travel. But he may very well have 0 expierence in caving and scuba diving and legitamtly didnt have the expierence to know that his idea couldnt work. If anything needed to be said best to wait till after the rescue then say it and explain with practical reasons vs an attacking hateful type reply. Vernon made an attackative comment and based on his situation at the time set himself up for a pedo comment reply. Neithet was right but it is what it is. If this was not young boys a pedo comment never would have been made im sure. Both attacked a sensitive area for the other. Both in my opinion are acting like children with musk showing the only maturity in this with his admitting his pedo comment was out of line. Not once did vermon ever say he was out of line for calling musks attempt to help a PR stunt with no care or concern at all. Both should have just had a private tslk after it was all over said their appologies to each other and let it be. Vernon is known as a hero people are not going to look at him as a pedo. And those who do are childish and very well could do so regardless of musks comment or not and he just needs to be a man and ignore those children. Im not going to say its about money as myself for such a comment i feel that on a defemation side 50-100k is fair with no other damanges caused. Even if no one sees him as a pedo still the emotiomal mental and so on affects it caused him needs to be compensated as the emotional and mental affect of fear and worry of how people will look at him can be very server.
  2. Ive always paid cash in full anytime ive got medical care here ir anywhere else excpet back in america where i made payments to the hospital if bill too high still after insurance. But i have never not paid my medical bills. I for one wont trust my money with a thai insurance company thus leaves me with signa which is anywhere from 300-650 a month usd for insurance.
  3. This would be a time where chinese judicial system would be very helpful. File police report and a 99% chance that be convicted of every crime the police can come up with to charge the school and former director.
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