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  1. 10% of the falang price and 100baht voucher the brains trust working overtime in the Think Tank. The "HUG THAIS" programme Estimated to bring in 100 billion baht in the next six months, you come make this stuff in your wildest dreams. Amazing Thailand
  2. Why not use common sense and euthanise them, no one owns them no one wants them, maybe the money spent feeding and looking after them could be better spent on the homeless people in Pattaya, they are bigger problems than stray dogs, eradicate the problem
  3. That's a lot of money to pay for a place for the birds too nest and make a mess
  4. 2 weeks ago they stated 29,900 people had cancelled which was 60% of bookings, now they stating 146,000 are coming in July, so all the restaurants and businesses that are closed are magically going to be open and ready for business with the false hope of they will be coming, Amazing Thailand
  5. July 1 opening for tourists, Sandbox model good to go, Phuket will be 70% vaccinated, holiday season, Airport has full dress rehearsals in preparation for influx of foreign tourists, nothing but false hopes deception and lies, when July 1st comes and goes August 1st comes and goes then September 1st comes and goes maybe then and ONLY then will they realise that no one is coming, maybe you will get long term expats returning but tourists are not coming and subjecting themselves to 14 days of restrictions, pcr test prior to flying, 3 pcr tests during your stay (own expense)having to have Covid i
  6. "We do job with a clear target"as clear as mud, the only thing clear is how unclear it is, when the so called people in charge don't talk to the other people in charge then no one is in charge Welcome to Thailand
  7. Disguised themselves as Police officers, only 4 they are not looking hard enough obviously
  8. Might, small chance and pretty slim well that pretty much sums it up. Sometimes it better not to say anything and let people assume your stupid than open your mouth and take away any doubt
  9. Well that's a huge sample size to be gloating about 186 people out of the population of Thailand thats .00000248 of 1%, but its more important that its 95%, its always about numbers never about the truth
  10. A 16 week interval has not been tested in human trails, what a laughable statement, any other drug/vaccine in the modern era underwent successful animal trials first but not this one, also any previous drug/vaccine that had as many deaths and side effects as this Covid jab would have been stopped and removed but not this one. WHY
  11. So correct me if lm wrong, you need to have 2 shots of an experimental drug and be apart of the largest human trials in history, quarantine for 14 days, have 3 pcr test during your quarantine, have a COE, have Covid insurance, go to a place were 80% of businesses are closed, I'm sure l have missed a few and now wear a wrist tracking device, and to get ready for the mass influx of tourists have had a full rehersal at Phuket airport for there Sandbox re-opening, they just forgot 1 very important point NO ONE IS COMING and subject themselves to this absurdity
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