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  1. No need for 40 words simply say "All need visa". (If it walks like a duck,....)
  2. Well, life is all about fine print and semantics now, love the piece of George Carlin on soft language "If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?"
  3. It's funny that some people come here only to bash TE visa, for me it sounds like going to a BMW website and start argue that a Honda Jazz is in fact is much better car because the BMW is much more expensive (and most importantly I can't afford it but I don't say it that because that puts me in a bad light), and you still need to register it and you need a driving license to drive it and you need a license plate and the insurance is expensive etc.etc. and it takes you to the same places as the other car. Everyone has different life values and different financial circumstances, so if you like Gucci bags or BMW or Rimowa suitcases, Michelin star restaurants and you feel it gives value (status) for money and you can afford it then just go for it. Same goes with TE visa, it gives members value and status for money. Some people don't like the stress dealing with Immigration, like to use express lane with TE personal assistant or the golf cart ferrying you around the airport. So let them have it.
  4. High-end visitors will seek high-end facilities and services and low-end visitors will look on the low end. So on the high-end a rich guy let's call him C.P. will develop 5 star resorts, Michelin star restaurants and provide world class services and his group will charge accordingly. He pays his employees peanuts so he earns a tidy profit and moves up on the Forbes 500 a couple of places, which is great. On the low end Somchai and his family will build a guesthouse for low end tourist and his wife Pueng will run an eatery for the same crowd most of the money they make goes to the family, maybe the kids get better education, or the family better healthcare or get a car instead the motocy to get around, which all lead to better life and most probably longer life expectancy. Nothing wrong with targeting a niche market however don't throw away the baby with the bathwater. "The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) estimates the total number of workers including related hospitality services such as tour companies and other attractions could total 4.3 million" Let's say that 20% of tourists are high-end and served by 40% of all workers and chase away the rest of the tourists, that means that means that ~2.6 million will loose their jobs too.
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