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  1. YES and NO - depends Learn to read - yes helpful for signs, shopping etc Not too difficult to grasp the alphabet Oral hearing/speaking - depends where you are and if your tilak can speak english (best bet). In BKK just speak enough to tell taxi driver where to go - Most dont speak english. If you are going up country and your tilak doesnt speak english then you probably wont last long I went up country under thiose conditions but I had lived with my duckling for a year before and had grasped some fluency in natural speaking ie automatic without having to xlate in my head first. She was a good teacher (most thai girls will discourage you learning their language). After 4 years immersion I was ok Then I moved to BKK and had to relearn many thing cos my accent was isaan and very coarse to snooty thais EE ha la and so on. But it did give me an insight to the comedic slapstick quality of the language. It was easy to make jokes and produce fits of laughter - always a good sign A lot of thais in bkk hated that you spoke their language (falang lo mak). Very very anti. Remember that a facility with the language will not open doors for you. You will still be an alien and never ever be accepted As for writing Thai - what a pain. Only super educated thais can master that skill. Spelling is such a problem. Try looking up a thai word you heard in a dictionary. You might have to try a dozen different possible spellings and still not get there. BTW the more colourful expressions in Isaan probably wont be listed as in th 1940's the gov removed and destroyed any reference to isaan lao language. I learnt mine off karaoke vids Is it worth it - probably not. Does it do more harm than good - probably Would I bother again - NO! And most of my expat friends didnt know a word. But it was fun while it lasted and it served to remind me that when I thought I knew the score I found out I didnt really
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