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  1. Was there ever a bigger joke of a VP than the lap dog Pence? Probably Dan Quayle would be a close second.
  2. With this government of total idiots? No chance
  3. In my experience all Thais overinflate their tyres. I was once told that the reason was they wouldn't need to bother checking the pressure for a longer period which to me has always meant sheer laziness.
  4. 3 welcome hours of heavy rain in Nakhon Sawan Tuesday morning but virtually no cool season. I gauge this by how many warm showers I need to take, this year not one. Normally a lot of nights in the 15/16c region, this year a handful below 20.
  5. If that's the case, please let it not be Johnson or Rees- Mogg who succeeds her.
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