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  1. If you didn't see any rot when you bought them, how would the shop know if it's not obvious. We buy potatoes whole, not dissected.
  2. The other thing to consider is that with constant wearing the item will reduce in weight, the gold content is high and quite soft here and wears down over time.
  3. You can rent for 30 years but it needs to have a title whereby the lease can be registered with the land department. you can get an option to extend, but even registered it is hard to enforce. I know of 2 people who lease, one is house and land. The other is just the land and he built his own modest house on it. In either case they did not pay the 30 years upfront, one pays an amount monthly and the other pays yearly. You would need to get the lease drawn up by a lawyer because this agreement needs to be binding for heirs and successors as well. Not my business but in my opinion there are better ways of securing a home.
  4. If the airline has changed you from the 7th to the 8th, I would be asking them for the 6th to avoid any potential problems.
  5. If your lease agreement stated your are the resident tenant and the lease was legal and registered with the land Dept you will be in with a chance, you need to speak to a lawyer.
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