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  1. The person who wrote that has never truly travelled or is totally ignorant. To call Pattaya a world class resort is a joke, they wouldn't know what world class is.
  2. JWRC

    Bubonic Plague

    Another one dead overnight, apparently the respiratory version. Scary.
  3. JWRC

    Bubonic Plague

    It was on a UK newspaper site that pops up on my screen, sorry didn't take much notice of which one it was, however you can look it up on google, it's also mentioned on there.
  4. I just read a report. It seems China has closed down part of Mongolia as there has been 2 Bubonic plague cases, one dead and one alive, so 50/50. The previous Bubonic plague killed over 200 million people, should we be worried?.
  5. Yes, I would move here, I like Thailand, I have never had a problem with Thai people, where I live especially is very scenic, it's not a village so on the odd occasion I feel I should get out and about, there is always somewhere nice to go. The <deleted> you get on TV complaining about immigration rules, is just that, <deleted>.. As long as you can comply with the financial requirements there shouldn't be a problem. Mixing socially, well I guess that's up to you, most foreigners seem to socialize in the bars or cafes. I have never been in a bar in Thailand so I cannot comment on that side of things., my only other preferred place to live would be Scotland as I love the country and the people, however I do not like cold weather so that is not an option.
  6. I think this is just the state of a persons mind. Some people see the glass as half full, others half empty. Of course there is always boredom, it's up to the individual to address that with whatever appeals to them. A family member who is Australian, travels with 3 Englishmen to meetings, usually a 2 - 3 hour car trip, well he was travelling with them, but he cannot stand the constant whinging and complaining about anything and everything to the point where he just drives himself now. I have noticed that some breeds of people are prone to this negativity, sad really. Then again some people get in a rut, a lot of the time they don't even know they are in it. If it was me I would be having a word with the bloke, he probably won't appreciate it, then again it might make him take a fresh look at his situation. At the end of the day, these people are not really happy anywhere as they will always find something that doesn't suit them.
  7. Sounds like you use Kanchanaburi Immigration, because this is an accurate description of how they treat people.
  8. How can one person seemingly have all these problems? Nothing has changed for me, I certainly have not experienced any of what you describe. Is there something wrong with you?
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