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  1. Just use the windows 10 reset feature. It works like charm.
  2. You won't see much difference moving from 8gb to 16gb ram and 240gb is more than enough in a typical system.
  3. I don't find any difference moving from 2010 to 2016 other than newer interface. Better stick to existing version if no issues.
  4. The Jap must have choosed the wrong destination in grab app.
  5. Could have given the F1 drivers wannabe to race with their modified Jazz and Almeras instead of terrorizing the motorways.
  6. Lock them up and let them rot in jail. Don't deserve to live in society.
  7. You don't expect someone holding a doctorate and educationalist holding a gun for work or self defence. The country is doomed.
  8. They could change it to Rat Gold for the next editions. Many inside Bangkok sewers and each consuming one would help to control the rodents' population.
  9. Instant 5000baht fine on the spot or confiscating their bikes would work if enforcement is done.
  10. And the Japanese is praising a country which the people knows no shame.
  11. You can use multisim option to share data with your phone. No need waste on another phone line since you will be using data only.
  12. Competition is good better service and cheaper!
  13. Workers can call in a strike if the wages are not increased. No need to set minimum wage.
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