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  1. How big is your building and what is your current router/modem? Wifi doesnt like walls so getting a repeater would help.
  2. 50% off of all models would be a good start for overpriced cars here.
  3. And the workers proudly wearing safety first badges all around their body.
  4. Highways without u turn points, you can count the number with fingers.
  5. Easy, just add everything to road deaths, they are at the very top for that.
  6. Maybe Thai authorities can start a feasibility study to build the great wall of Thailand across its borders. It could work wonders for tourism post Covid.
  7. Could be ranked higher if they introduce mass testing instead of selective.
  8. Interest free installments? Times are hard
  9. There goes tax money on the feasibility study. In the end nothing is feasible and country moves backward.
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