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  1. Hi, I signed up to the Siam Commercial Bank. I had to sign a crap load of forms all written in Thai and understood bugger all and nobody in the bank even understood any english. I was trying to understand what the process was when you quit your job as well as a few other things such as if there is a fee to close the account later. Do you need to close your bank account when you quit your job and end your work permit? On my last month of my work, i'm required to give one pay period notice which means that my last day will always be the last day of the month which means that the last day of the month of resignation is the last day i''m legally allowed to stay in the country which is the day I will have to close my bank account (If it is required), but the employer pays AFTER the last day of the month which means that my last pay for whenever I decide to resign actually might not get paid. (Because i'll be out of the country and the bank account will be closed). On top of that i'm realizing that I won't get my security deposit back for my rent anyway because the landlord has to wait for bills to be finalized and i'll be out of the country by then and they won't do international payment even if I'm willing to wear the international transfer cost.