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  1. Just retirement people with Visas and whom visited the country of birth for summer time now to return to sunshine and great foods, 2 weeks in luxury hotel nice, 3rd day poolside days nice...yes I am one of whom you questioned for hotel holiday...later a Horny day and after that a Holly day...Sawadee..
  2. Many hoops having a Retirement Visa good till Jan 2021 and re-entry. Now seeking Travel insurance costly $2300. for 180 days phoning explaining situation my country Bans travel and insurance in question. Now booking Covid Test within 72hrs before flight and if too early one must have another test one in HongKong. Booking hotel and await payment confirmation got my deposit yet no email confirmation. Booking flight now airlines change departure date...resubmit my COE online. Pay IVisa $20 for ivisa application (scam). Hoops are really deep wells each time jumping through ya fall deep into a hole
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