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  1. Overheard amongst chubby issan girls sitting around the bars on loy kroh rd Grandpas need lovin too...
  2. Rumor is Tom Petty once was one........no relation to the Fugees....
  3. Nobody got any time for that dry old turkey....just crack open a can of cranberry--its crantastic!
  4. So if you could pick a place that is priced the same as LOS or less for a guy just looking for a quiet simple place who would be more after the food than the women..not a big drinker either....peace and quiet..getting older... As Einstein said the key to happiness--a calm and modest life....works for me
  5. Considering a new place but was just trying some wishful thinking....from being a expat, not a tourist stance
  6. Including your Hockey Stick! Oh Canada!
  7. Im very selective when assessing a future purchase...if that was the type of model I would even pay for..... Could have a lot of miles on it and dogged out by previous owners.....Im happy with a reliable Honda, not a Lexus
  8. Perhaps a wolf in sheeps clothing.....
  9. My pack is normal sized and i pull the straps tight after put over mirror bars...it then just sits between my legs..has worked well as Ive done it many times for moving around cm with other items onboard...I adjust the straps so the pack hangs a little lower, resting against the mbike frame and between my legs to lock it down and allow turning..or i wear the pack normally and let the weight of it sit on the rest of my mbike seat .....not saying its the best way but works for me....i do a test run with it on....but then again I bring this pack as a carry on when I live in LOS...so I always pack
  10. Breaking News! Will be a Daily quarantine....monitored over a 14 day initial processing period, or 2 week trials Or Elite Covid Package..One day Quarantine but have to book ASQ and stay within that room for 14 days
  11. Dont forget the sick buffaloes! Please..someone..please think of the buffaloes...velly...velly sick....mai sabai
  12. Iphones......(masses flock to new shiny object with minimal modification)
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