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  1. Snail white? Jumbo bags of dried seaweed? woven baskets for all, to carry said items..converse chuck taylors with baby durians on them? tom yum goong mama?
  2. Those gloves will be water balloons in seconds flat...looking like mick-eeeee mouth!
  3. you have to pay again for that teerak, solly. you go shower....(pops a blue diamond)
  4. Free Mama Cup Pro-MO-Shunnnnn. One cup a day from 7-11 during 2 week quarantine Or paid 2000 bt upgrade for latex pillow to sleep nice during quarantine+ vat tax
  5. And here we are, record unemployment, 100,000 dead and counting, over a million sick, meat shortages, food lines, all on Trumps watch, glad you find this funny, congrats. Boy you sure owned us, I tip my hat to you Sir!
  6. I see no purpose in them, nor the noted items, other than to intimidate and maim fellow Americans. I prefer the current flag and using my brain as a weapon. Is my opinion, rights and all...
  7. Do you get the cute chinese girls in sun dresses, adidas shoes, yankee hats, like we do in Cm. I keep telling myself Im gonna make the switch to CR from Cm but as you noted, less choices. Immig sounds tempting tho
  8. 555 If they let a Thai "come and get you at cnx airport" do you still have to self quarantine or what?
  9. Mr Sad? Trump and his rage tweets? Moaning how everyone is against him, even Fox? WHO is Trump not the organization, let me guess, degree from Trump University. Why wear masks for a Dem Hoax? yep he's tested daily or hourly as the rest of us are screwed, must be nice. Where can I get one of these tests Stable Genius?
  10. Makes one wonder why you are here, Be his warrior and go boost his economy he trashed, dont forget your gun and hydroxy....I'll do my part to defeat him Nov 3rd, along with the rest of real Americans..kinda reminds me of the underground haters that now wave their confederate flags and clutch onto their guns. Murica!
  11. Thanks for thinking of others who are vulnerable, America Salutes you during this historic failure by trump. Keep up the winning! 100,000 and counting!! Hey remind us all about Trumps wonderful PLAN as well. 100k dead, all in nursing homes, by your account....I'll wear mine to protect my fellow Americans working
  12. Suppose his wife was aware of the PENAL codes in the area.....
  13. And WHO is using American LIVES to revive his economy strictly for re-election purposes?? Hint -Refuses to wear a mask just out of spite..... The Irony of your post is off the charts...Sad!
  14. Gonna try and sneak this past the moderators too....I can only hope for your forgiveness, maybe one day.
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