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  1. Right, Like burying unglued electrical conduits and plumbing in concrete floors and walls. An ongoing nightmare. Glue is often not used in joints or properly cured, insane. If I ever built a house here all those things would run on exterior and interior walls and to hell with the appearance.
  2. I'm glad I was never so arrogant, insolent, or verbally abusive when I was your age. If I was somebody might have strangled me. You'll need some luck to get my age with an attitude like yours.
  3. I was too terse in my original post. I should add now that I had a full set of x-rays showing degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. I requested THC oil and told them that my American doctor had prescribed THC oil instead of more powerful pain relievers that caused liver, heart, kidney, and stomach damage. The lady doctor that read the x-rays recommended that I come back for physical therapy and that the doctor in the cannabis clinic, literally the next cubicle to hers, give me cannabis. She wrote that on my paperwork. I stepped next door and he refused me, as I said, but told me if I
  4. You may be correct about this particular issue, I'm not debating that. I'm saying I don't read the news for updates and don't need confirmation and don't need information for arguments. I'm not interested in rumors or confirmation of them. I'm not even interested in how many Chinese support the government and how many don't. Until there is a massive revolt the CCP is in charge and I know their agenda. My mind is completely closed to any belief that that will change. China is what it is. Expecting it to change is a fool's errand. I made it clear that my opinion of China
  5. A policeman shooting a criminal is not terrorism. His aim is not disruption of society. A person who shoots a cop is a terrorist because his aim is disruption of society. A scientist who aids a terrorist state is a terrorist. Iran is a rogue state that supports terrorism. A person who authorizes that person's destruction is not a terrorist, he is defending his state. It's really that basic.
  6. It will probably never be proven beyond all doubt because the CCP will not allow internal or external investigations . It's been obvious from the beginning that china has something to hide. It is not speculation to say that China has been breeding and exporting various viruses for decades now. It's all too believeable that it's done it yet again and will do so repeatedly in the future. China remains a threat to the entire world in more ways than one.
  7. I don't need anything to link to. I made my call on the CCP years ago. It's a blatantly repressive regime that gets worse everyday. How much information does someone need to come to the obvious conclusions? China blinds, gags, and deafens it's citizens daily and has nothing to export but more of the same. There is absolutely no reason to believe this will change.
  8. The doctor at the state hospital in Pranburi told me he couldn't allow THC oil for my back pain but gave me tramadol and offered to prescribe morphine. I told him that was ridiculous and left. Don't bother going to cannabis clinics at state hospitals. Go to private clinics or hospitals.
  9. Please share your logic with us. Or is it possible that you are just a frustrated loser supporter lashing out blindly.
  10. Jumping to the other extreme in an argument is seldom persuasive. It usually weakens your stance.
  11. I don't know about Thailand but can tell you for sure that one doesn't have to break the law to end up in jail in America. I very strongly suspect that's true here too. Mass judgment is a precarious undertaking.
  12. I've had to train my spell-checker to stop capitalizing the 't' in the word trump. It's proper meaning is to be better than or superior to' something else. Obviously such adjectives should never applied to the soon-to-be-ex-president except with sarcasm or falsely misplaced reverence. Furthermore, the initial capital is used for 'proper' nouns. There is no way that anything the man has done or said that can ever be considered proper. The English language must aggressively reclaim this word to its former usefulness. Free your mind and then your spell
  13. I can agree with most of what both you and @cmarshall say. I can't quote anybody but in general epidemiologist say that virtually any infectious disease can be defeated in a time period proportional to its dormancy period. It's a matter, scientifically obvious but socially near impossible, to achieve. If the disease's vectors are eliminated and extant patients treated for 2-3 times the dormancy period, the organism can only survive in undiscovered reservoirs. This has been proven even in diseases as viciously fatal and untreatable as Ebola. The history of Ebola in the last tw
  14. As the man's power, influence, and ability to cause harm wane, I may eventually be able to feel pity for him. He truly is a pathetic figure, one whose state of being is pathos. His psychological condition makes him vulnerable to rapid degeneration and failure. He has built up a grandiose vision of a perpetual presidency in his mind for so long now, abetted by his rabid following. Now that his ejection is imminent he will not be able to cope with the reality of his failure. The truly historic proportions of his personal failure in this election are inescapable even to him.
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