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  1. You are correct about Roong Reuang being the booking agent. The bus to HH stops in Chaam as well as on the north end of HH exactly south of the HH airport entrance on the southbound side of Phetkasem Road. The Bell/Roong Reuang desk in the airport, near door#8 also has a counter right next to it for the bus to Pattaya. Sorry, I never tried to make reservations for that bus, so don't know how to do it online. Bell has a extra baggage charge for more than one bag, but it's nominal. For hotel drop off there is an additional charge. The nice thing about Bell is that the bus is fast, well
  2. Did you check outside the back door? Many things in the Kingdom don't work all the time.
  3. Sure, better yet! Great and timely point. Now all we have to worry about is people charging the headphones while wearing them. Also, it eliminates the possibility of strangling yourself in earphone wires when having a nightmare.
  4. I hear you. I never use my phone when wall-charging. It's the higher voltage mains power that kills. Any voltage AC or DC less than 24v is not perceptible by skin contact. Be aware though that there is no possible danger from a phone being charged in a car; I didn't know wireless chargers for cars were even available. It certainly makes for a more expensive and less efficient method. Same for solar panel chargers for phones; these are all low voltage designs. It's not possible to be harmed by a 12v auto power system. Alternators have built-in voltage regulators to peg chargin
  5. We are some of the lucky ones then. Many folks here are suffering because of the currency exchange rates from their home countries. I'm American and fully expect the US dollar to start depreciating faster soon as the virus bailout money tanks the economy and inflation ramps up just as the Federal Reserve has been trying to do for decades now. So maybe our time is coming. I hope that you've invested in inflation hedges of some kind like real estate or physical precious metals. I've also been transferring more money into Thailand by playing the rate bounces. I personally think my mon
  6. Your supposition is correct. In my area of expertise, Hazardous Atmosphere electronics, there are many vendors who put false labels on their products. Naturally this is illegal, but as we all know.............Unfortunately, the market wants their phone chargers to be small and cheap. This drives vendors to reduce cost/size to gain market share. If the charger gets warm or shows signs of plastic case deformation, discard the thing immediately and destroy it first so it won't be salvaged from the trash and used by someone else. As for Joe, his only recourse is to stop buying from the
  7. Sorry, that's the way it is on TVF. Live with it or not. Social media these days is not for the feint of heart.
  8. It's the only way to fly Jack. Saves numerous headaches at the IO. My immigration officer recommended it and happened to be at the bank when I went in and even helped me set it up. No brown envelope required. Now that's service with a smile!
  9. As per the conditions stated for the estimates given it sounds more like surviving than living IMO. But that's just me. I purposely lived a more frugal life before retirement (and after divorce sunk my financial boat) because being both old and poor really sucks. Looking back maybe I erred a bit by over-saving but I don't regret it now; far superior to the inverse. Money is a lot easier to spend than earn.
  10. The figures are based on someone living for around 14 years after they retire - with the average age of retirement in America (64) and the average life expectancy (78.7). The same calculations were then applied to almost every country. As clearly stated in the OP. Reading is a valuable skill to attain.
  11. Agreed all. I will add that if the transformer fails (and quality chargers use a simple step down xformer but more often a flyback switching regulator w/transformer as well as secondary over voltage/current crowbar elements) then it's lethal to devices and users. I spent years designing such converters for Intrinsically Safe equipment for use in hazardous gas atmosphere applications like oil/gas/chrmical/wastewater plants. Look at the UL60079-11 international standard for such requirements. Furthermore, transformers built with proper primary/secondary insulation ar
  12. When they are properly designed and tested they output 5v for a USB phone, maybe as high as 19v for a laptop. Junk chargers have no safety shunts or other protection and can deliver the full 220 in fault. If the phone or tablet was destroyed then that's what happened. Use a power bank, which also saves your device, or invest in quality chargers, not cheap junk from our close northern neighbor.
  13. And you think registering with the app will change that? I don't. Organization is not a common skill in The Kingdom.
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