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  1. They are added to some brands of energy bars for protein so people are already eating them without knowing it. Ignorance is definitely preferable in this case. The Truth may set your stomach free.!
  2. Unfortunately teaching them how to drive well does not mean they will drive well. I believe many offensive drivers know they are dangerous but simply don't care. Poor driving is a cultural problem that will not change until the culture does. I'm not holding my breath for that to happen.
  3. Just to be clear, you have grossly oversimplified a complex situation.
  4. Last page in The Art of the Deal: "if you can't get what you want by bullying your counterparty then simply find a way to circumvent them regardless of your legitimate authority to do so. "
  5. Somebody disagreeing with you hardly proves your point, but thanks for playing.
  6. Agreed. But the crux of your reply is precisely the issue confronting Trump supporters. They lack the discernment to recognize the lies and suffer from an extreme form of confirmation bias or more frequently, simple willful ignorance. While they (still) retain the right to agree with his policies, it is incumbent on them to also recognize and acknowledge his penchant for compulsive lying. This is the major failing which defeats their ability to engage in meaningful discussions. They remain unreachable by the truth.
  7. No, but TopDead is a child development specialist, or at least he plays one on TVF. Admittedly he does seem to be Dead from the Top down though. He is of course entitled to his opinion and is generally entertaining if nothing else.
  8. First, he needs no excuse to lie, and second if he was censured every time he lies there would be nothing at all forthcoming from the white house. Actually everyone would benefit from that. At this point every one not a zealot sees his lies and the zealots never will. In that sense it's not worth the effort to expose him. The man is just a skid mark in America's underwear. He can be washed out this November but the smell will remain for years.
  9. That naturally begs the question of how he would know he's saying something foolish; fool never knows this, he just talks.
  10. Yeah, me too. But my salacious mind immediately asked whether a semen sample would also be required from female expats. An egg sample perhaps and who would collect that, etc. Inquiring minds want to know. I know : Sad.
  11. RocketDog


    Quick answer without reading anything but the title. Everybody needs a VPN for many different reasons. If you can afford $10/month then buy one. If you can't then don't bother because free ones just give you a false sense of security. This topic has cycled through the forum several times a year.
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