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  1. There are individuals on TVF who seem to haunt every forum topic and are always adversarial. They will engage in running disputes for hours if you engage with them. Better to just tune them out and never, ever reply to their posts. They always take that as a challenge.
  2. All good advice. I would add that I got a USA Skype number in Colorado area code for $6.50/month and for $2.99/month I have unlimited calling package to any USA mobile /land-line phone; cheaper and more useful alternative to a mobile phone. Of course one needs an internet connection for that. I use a router with a VPN image on it (Express VPN) so I also show a USA IP address., though this is not necessary. Together though it makes it appear that I'm operating in America. A USA cell phone number helps with other American entities but won't be much use in Thailand t
  3. No kidding. Men spend the first hours of life getting out of one and the rest of their lives getting back into one.
  4. We can only hope that the entire Thai government is just a temporary glitch that will soon be fixed.
  5. Normal farang are too. It's the abnormal in every country you have to watch for. Note however that very nearly every person alive believes that they are normal.
  6. There are several vaccines available that use decades-old tech as well. So to be clear you are referring only to mRNA vaccines? Of course the old-style vaccines inject entire viruses, not just spike proteins, into your body.
  7. The PM said he takes full responsibility. Now is the time to step down then.
  8. With enough web work you may be able to find examples of the forms she must fill. Then you could work with her to learn out to fill them when she encounters them. Just a thought ; may not be possible.
  9. Arithmetic is being proposed as an extension of the current Thai educational system. Just wait a few decades for that to evolve.
  10. I forgot about that. Just another example of the far-forward planning so endemic in Thai culture. You can bet that in some secret lab the groundwork for a landing on the Sun is being laid.
  11. As an ardent supporter of the ongoing Thai Moon Mission program, I'm equally enthusiastic about this new vaccine. Who would have ever guessed even a year ago that the Kingdom could make such astounding technological leaps successfully?
  12. I've renewed the extension of stay twice at Huahin. I've been very happy with the office and staff there. You will need a bank letter and signed/stamped copy of your bank records, NOT copies of bank book pages. Be aware that getting such records can take more than two weeks. To solve that problem I go every six months and get the records from. Bangkok Bank. Longer than six months requires your local bank to get the annual account record from the main office. Other than that just bring the regular docs. The people are very nice. Good luck.
  13. I think any country that will sell their only sovereign property to foreigners is making a mistake its people will regret for all the reasons you name. I have always been against the USA selling land to foreigners. There isn't any more being created. It's like selling your own body parts to get your next drug fix. Shortsighted to say the least. Long term leases, longer visas, etc are acceptable solutions.
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