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  1. It says they must be living in the UK
  2. There are a few other rules that require less time in the UK...see UK.GOV
  3. Misread....the payment was ceased in 2010 for anyone new but continued to be paid to those already getting it for a further 10 years (2020)
  4. Just checked...after April 2017 the widow needs to be living in the UK when spouse dies
  5. Not sure it has finished..I believe a 1 off payment and possibly a few months of payments depending on dependents still applies
  6. My understanding is you cannot get an O retirement for marriage in the UK....only a 90 day single entry O. Perhaps the original poster could confirm why he chose OA.
  7. First of all I agree applying in the UK for an OA is much more difficult than applying for an O. I think #219 probably heard, and is referring to, that the follow up extension to an O is more paperwork than that required for an extension on an your original OA.
  8. That's good news...but so many different stories...be great to see some 1st hand accounts, which I'm sure we will over coming weeks..
  9. Before you scrap your insurance, if it's a Thai company, check as per Sheryls posts if it is underwritten by one of the accepted companies in the Thai scheme. That way, assuming your original visa was an "O" and this new order rolls out to include "O,s" it will be accepted. In fact if your on an OA originally it would be accepted for that as well.
  10. Great....that's good to know. However under the new rules if your original visa that all your subsequent extensions (either "married" or "retirement") was an OA, would you not still be liable to get the new insurance?
  11. Getting my head round this...I understand your Non O from outside Thailand gives 90 days..you can then get an extension/permission to stay (if you meet requirements). With your new extension based on the original Non O do you have to still leave every 90 days, or can you live 365 days of the year and simply get a re entry permit when you need to exit for whatever reason. Thanks for replies....
  12. My understanding is that if you don't meet the requirements for an O visa, such as married to a Thai or on the basis of having a Thai child , then your only option is an OA.
  13. Funnily I had just been going through same thought process with my extension (based on original OA) due in March. Think I'll hedge all bets...keep enough Baht (800k) in Thailand to meet usual extension requirements and also enough £ in UK bank to meet requirements for new O visa or tourist visa.
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