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  1. Bacteria is sometimes the only culture some people have
  2. You could try changing them to LED bulbs. I found the halogen ones to blow frequently.
  3. I hope you are correct and Oxford will find a vaccine. The fact that we have not found a vaccine for any of the coronavirus, MERS, SARS etc. worries me. I offered myself to Oxford for the trials as I'm 55 and only 30 miles away. Didn't get the gig
  4. Too little too late. The government's insipid response to this pandemic has cost the lives of tens of thousands of people in the UK. 24-hours earlier Michael Gove was saying they were going to leave it up to the common sense of the people For all the times we decry the Thai government for their policies, they got this one right IMO!
  5. Disgusting treatment of a gold member.....but then i am gold too and they did't give a s**te about me either so it must be their policy
  6. I regularly leave the UK on an UK passport and return on an Irish one, or vice versa, just to confuse the system
  7. And the sad thing is his two passengers are critically injured the girl on the motorcycle is dead. Should be him that's dead.
  8. I was happily stuck in Thailand back in March for a month while Etihad cancelled my flight 4 times. Iended up paying more to fly with EVA Air one way back to the UK than the whole of the Etihad fair. I asked Etihad for a refund they offered me a voucher. When I got back to the UK I put a charge back in with Barclaycard and I am pleased to say I got a full refund for the Etihad ticket.
  9. I think you are correct Ubonjoe. They went back to Nong Khai, registered Henry in the blue book and then they could get the passport. His father did not want to register him in the house book as then Henry could be drafted into the Thai army at a later date. He had to relent
  10. At least you won't have any problems with foxes
  11. they ended up getting a flight back to Nong Khai, going to the local amphur and registering Henry in the area and then passing a brown envelope to get the passport and quickly. This would have been 6 years ago. What a palaver!
  12. Get your own chickens. Noise doesn't seem to be a problem in Thailand
  13. it happened to my mate too. His son was stopped from leaving the country on his UK passport as his Thai passport has expired whilst in Thailand. He entered on his Thai passport. They tried to renew it they were told they had to do it in the United Kingdom as that is where the passport was issued.
  14. I have ridden this train and I can't ever say it was speeding it ended up being over 2 hours late. Nice and relaxing.
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