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  1. It’s an Extension of Stay, not a Visa but is commonly called a Retirement Visa.
  2. I have a colleague who lives in HH, his local Bar in HH is open every night ?
  3. A Non O 90 Day Single Entry Visa requires Health insurance now, it never did before, I obtained one from the London Embassy, the Health Insurance I had for my Certificate of Entry covered it.
  4. I collected a new easy chair from Home Pro in Pattaya Klang today, I don’t have transport so ordered a Bolt Taxi via the app. I live a 5 minute walk away, the taxis outside Big C charge a minimum of 200 baht. Bolt was around 50 baht, I would have given the Bolt driver 100 baht. He refused to come because of the Taxi mafia outside of Big C, reluctantly I had had to pay the mafia 200 baht for a 3 minute Taxi ride, bearing in mind no tip.
  5. The schools have been open for months in the U.K., our son 5 years old was attending one before we returned a few weeks ago. None of the teachers had been vaccinated and there no cases of Covid among the kids in his school or the town, population of 90000 people. Thailand has a very low number of cases of Covid compared to the U.K. the government have the people of Thailand frightened to death of Covid but it’s interesting to note the hierarchy were the first to be vaccinated and not with Chinese vaccine ?
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