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  1. B.A website showing direct flights from Heathrow to BKK on the 1st July, if you book and they cancel the vouchers if you accept instead IFA refund are valid for 12 months.
  2. Loads of migrants have arrived in the U.K., we can’t even keep track of them never mind legit arrivals in their hundreds. Mobile Phone, just change the sim, most arrivals won’t have a UK Sim and if they are only here on holiday they are not going get one.
  3. You ever watch the U.K. news the citizens are breaking the lockdown every day, yes give them an address but what is to stop you staying there for a day or so then moving on, the Police would have no idea where you were.
  4. When you go the B.A. Website the flights from Heathrow are not direct to BKK with B.A, you have to go to Hong Kong or other places and the flights are with multiple airlines.
  5. I enquired when B.A. flights will resume, they said ‘scheduled’ for the 1st of July ?
  6. It’s not an enforced quarantine like Thailand, you have to give the address you are staying at, they can check up to see if you are there but impossible to police as hundreds of thousands of people fly into the Uk everyday, through the the Channel Tunnel and arrive by ferry.
  7. How do we apply for a repatriation flight for my partner and son who are here in the UK with me ?
  8. I don’t think fares will go up initially, the airlines needs b*** on seats so putting fares up now would be counterproductive, I think next year will see an increase as and when things get back to normal.
  9. I thought before they boarded they had their temperature checked, a fever developed mid flight ?
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