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  1. I don’t expect you will be able to turn up at the airport and present a Covid vaccination certificate and board a flight to Thailand. Some hotels are making big bucks with ASQ. and will want some form of ‘compensation’ if quarantine ceases, they will not make the shortfall up from returning tourists I don’t think as they won’t be returning in droves.
  2. Thailand missed the boat on ordering vaccine, they thought they had it under control till the recent outbreaks. They also ‘created’ various types of visas which they thought would tempt the tourists back but all still required quarantine. I checked with one of the ASQ Hotels last week, they had increased their prices. Does that mean they are busy or the Thai mentality if you have no customers put the prices up ?
  3. I am in that position, in the U.K. with my Thai partner and 5 year old son, whilst I have been vaccinated and hopefully I can have my partner vaccinated currently there is no vaccine for kids. How could we return to Thailand with an un vaccinated child ?
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