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  1. As I can no longer get a Multi Entry Non O Visa it would be my intention to apply for a Non O-A from London. on looking at the various websites there are 3 different types of CRB checks, basic, standard and enhanced, what one is required by the Thai Embassy ? What does notarise mean and who do I get to do it in the U.K. ? A letter of verification issued from the country of his or her nationality or residence stating that the applicant has no criminal record (verification shall be valid for not more than three months and should be notarised by notary organs or the applicant’s diplomatic or consular mission).
  2. You don’t do a colour blind test for the U.K. Licence, let’s be honest a lot of Thais must be colour blind judging by the number who ‘run’ a red light. i am sure everyone knows the sequence of traffic lights so being colour blind isn’t a problem for me.
  3. It was the one near Pattaya, to be honest at the time I was looking at buying a car but in hindsight I wouldn’t have used it much here so it probably saved me some money. There were some young Thai lads who after failing it were told too go, I assume they just jumped on their scooters and never bothered with a Licence. Compared too many countries not many Thais wear specs, I assume many are driving with poor eyesight as they would fail the test and don’t want to pay for specs.
  4. I did the colour test twice failed both times, after each test the lady said come back tomorrow, no idea why as my eyesight wouldn't have improved overnight. i have no problem distinguishing traffic light colours but it’s my short sightedness that was the problem, it can’t be corrected with specs. I am not colour blind more so the fact I was an Electrician for 40 years and never had a problem.
  5. Having worked in the Electrical Industry for nearly 50 years I have never known of Transformers requiring repair and maintenance although the external ones here have a tendency too blow up now and again.
  6. They brought a law in recently where landlords are not supposed to charge more than the government rates for water and electricity, whilst some still do others increased the rent to cover the shortfall.
  7. Strange in another report the strong Baht is not to blame for the decrease in Tourism, do the government departments speak too each other before press releases ?
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