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  1. The U.K. is rapidly becoming a cashless society with the introduction of ‘contactless’ payments. I very rarely carry cash in the U.K. as most outlets, Bars, coffee shops etc have contactless machines. Cashless societies are going are going to be developed even more as businesses don’t need to sit and count the takings the trot of to the bank. It also suits businesses not to have loads of cash on the premises that’s why they offer cash back.
  2. I only ever use my CC for online purchases, the majority of the times for booking flights, it has been compromised in the past in fact just recently.
  3. I have used DC and CC all over the globe, they have been compromised but it has never been an issue for me, the Bank has always refunded the money, much safer than carrying loads of cash as well. I don’t know how but my bank HSBC appear to know when any of my cards have been compromised and contact me straight away. if you get mugged you lose your cash, CC/DC can be replaced, if keep your cards in a safe place don’t disclose you PIN number the banks will never have a problem refunding any transactions.
  4. Honeymoon periods are normally around 6 months, how many times have you been to Pattaya and what’s the longest period you have ever stayed for ?
  5. Yeah right ! https://acoupleofdestinations.com/blog/2017/08/temples-pattaya-thailand.html
  6. I have had the opportunity to work and holiday in many places around the globe. I am retired and in my mid sixties and at an age where I am more than capable of forming an opinion of a place in a short period of time thank you.
  7. Most comments like that are made by 2 week tourists, people who listen too barstool talk, people who have never been too Pattaya, what they read on Thai Visa and by researching on Google. As has been said there are many Bars away from the sleazy Sois which extend from Soi 6 through too Walking Street and up too Soi Bukhao where you can sit and relax with out being pestered by Bar Girls. Bearing in mind that won’t happen as they are too busy playing on their Mobiles. Pattaya is a City the sleaze is a small suburb of the City, there are plenty of other stuff too occupy oneself with which has been quoted by other posters. i have lived here for only 5 years happily settled with a Thai lady not a Bar Girl, yes it has its reputation but I never go near the sleazy Sois and find its one of the most diverse places on the planet with loads of choice.
  8. Because they I think weren’t trained properly to use the equipment, how do you know your test was ok irrespective if you thought you could see ok, just because you could see in your opinion ok doesn’t mean to say the prescription was 100%.
  9. Top Chareon used the same type of equipment and still got my prescription wrong.
  10. I spent over £600 at Top Chareon on specs, I had an Eye Test, very basic only to be told the prescription was wrong when I had an Eye Test in the U.K. a few weeks later. They attemted to change the lenses in the U.K. but broke them, lesson, have your eyes tested elsewhere first.
  11. The ban on the sale of alcohol on certain days is a farce, the only people it affects are the Tourrists and the people who own and work in Bars. I have lived in many places in Thailand and it is very rare too see a Thai drinking in a Bar. The alcohol is bought days before the ban, consumed elsewhere, house etc and I sure Thais will be aware what shops alcohol will be available if their supply runs out.
  12. A colleague who owns a Condo in Hua Hin, he rents it out has just been informed by the Management that every time he rents it out he has to do a TM30. This is the first time since he has owned it, around 10 years he has had too do this.
  13. Doesn’t Big Joke realise that the majority of people from Lao and Cambodia he ‘busts’ and sends back will be back over the border too Thailand the following week.
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