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  1. Retirement or I have a Thai son, my name is on his Birth Certificate but I haven’t legally adopted him.
  2. If I arrive on 45 day visa exemption can I convert it to a Non O in Thailand, if so what is the criteria required ?
  3. There won’t to any Tourists coming to Thailand to spend and pay for even 7 days in quarantine.
  4. Some of the posts of ‘No Tourists’, Good etc are beyond belief. The majority of people who are returning to Thailand are for family and business reasons spending 7/10/14 days in quarantine and some vaccinated. They pose no threat to the people of Thailand and are paying lots of money into the Thai economy to do so. The Thai government caused it by allowing people to come from Myanmar and opening up all the entertainment centres, the tourists haven’t caused this new surge in the figures. I expect another surge in the next few weeks with Thais travelling to and fro during Songhran.
  5. I found it very daunting being a silver surfer using an iPad and made a few mistakes on my initial application forgetting to upload the documents once which resulted in a rejection. TheThai COE was easier as there were fewer documents to unload, I can imagine there are quite few people not computer literate stuck in the U.K. With the easing on the criteria required on visas etc. surely all the documents could be checked at the airport prior to boarding doing away with the COE. .
  6. The London Embassy didn’t forward a T8 to me, I printed one of the Internet.
  7. Not if you have a visa, when I applied I was entering on Visa Exemption so I had to include a return fare within the 45 days.
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