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  1. Summarizing a few of the points from your posts shown above: 1) It's inexcusable to be ignorant and to be proud of it, too. 2) God created opportunities to better ourselves through knowledge. 3) You want to have greater knowledge of God, having a "longing for union with the divine." 4) You don't think God cares if you read His Word or not? It looks like you are so close to the truth. You want the truth. And the Bible has it. I can respect a man who has studied something and decided not to accept it. I cannot respect someone who has deliberately rejected something before they learned anything about it. I will tell you this: God does care if you read the Bible or not. He says in it: It is difficult to believe or have faith without understanding, and understanding does not come through ignorance. But without faith it is impossible to please God.
  2. God certainly does have a solution. It applies specially to those who put their trust in God. You'll find it in Psalm 91.
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