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  1. elephants shall not be used for entertain tourists, worst no one shall ride them! fools to the italians who went on elephants ride, fool of the manhunt, worst for TOT and Authorities who keep allowing Elephant Rides. Elephant belong to the forest, there shall be left freed to roam peacefully and if humans wish to see them from a safe watch spot far from them in order not to disturb their life.
  2. man macho against women... every country the same when men will start to respect women ?
  3. Trump and the oil lobbies want the oil and mineral careless of the blood of the Venezuelan, we saw the same drama in iraq, that is "exportable OIL democracy !
  4. amazing statement, which not prove only ignorance on the matters but a generic idiocy on the palestinian and israel matters
  5. disinformation create assumptions and false believes there are jew every where in middle est, in Siria and also in Iran.... but of course the media will not tell you ... https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/world/inside-iran/2018/08/29/iran-jewish-population-islamic-state/886790002/ there are good jews and bad jews, good americans and bad americans, good people careless of nationality, skin color or religious believe and there are bad people Israel its managed by greedy country leaders with blood an cheat in their hands (dont forget Netanyahu has been indicted several time even now, for state fund embezzling), this doesn't mean all Israelis are bad. the day Israel will have a government really oriented to peace and no one will care about oil, the middle east will become quite again.
  6. Pence once again prove his ignorance . Present Zionist Israel government leaders are actually doing the same to the Palestinians, but of course Pence will never say it. anyway RIP for all the victims of crazy nazism and concentration camps, victims of human arrogance and greediness, important factors that sadly we stil now witnessing them.
  7. its still convenient use bangkok us medical hub, but consider the following 1- top hospital got prime analysis machineries and fast disease identifying procedure, which are quite accurate. 2- once they found your problem, they dont place the most effort on solving the matter, but to keep the patient "on cure and care" 3- as the US medicare system, more then a patient you are a money making and budget achieving tool. indeed is still good to use such hospital, however you shall always watch out and get multi sources more info on your problem and possible solutions
  8. guaido is a silly puppet of trump and oil corporations who want control of minerals and oil they will make profit in waging civil war financing guns and then they will destroy Guatemala as they did in iraq, libya then they will make money on re building meantime sucking off all natural reserves this is what the call exporting democracy and the fools (which is the majority ) believe it....
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