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  1. Is that an excuse for passive, apathetic nihilism? Will you accept every injustice there is with no effort to change things?
  2. Another fine argument for national gun laws instead of a patchwork of laws, restrictions and regulations.
  3. Yes, and these cities are a short drive from places with less restrictive gun laws. Licensing and registration nationwide, not just in some jurisdictions, would go a long way to solving the problem of purchasing a gun where it is easy and legal and then carrying the gun to where it is illegal.
  4. Yes, you provide excellent reasons why there should be background checks for every legal gun sale, licensing of people who use guns, and registration of all guns. As I indicated, there should also be penalties for people who store their weapons improperly, making them easy to steal. I didn't advocate random stop and checks. I used the analogy of police checking license and registration when pulling over a vehicle for some offense. However I assume weapons checks similar to sobriety check points could be implemented in areas with a high rate of gun crimes.
  5. "If you do some research, you can find that most of those shootings were done by illegally possessed firearms committed by criminals that are prohibited by law, from possessing those firearms." I'm sure that's true. I'm also sure that requiring anyone using a gun to have a license, registering all guns, and allowing police to check licenses and registrations, much like they check driver and vehicle license and registration during traffic stops, would greatly reduce the number of illegal guns out there. Going one step further, people who have guns stolen because they are not kept in a secure location should bear some responsibility for crimes committed with these stolen guns. There are people stupid enough to leave guns in unlocked cars and houses. That should be illegal.
  6. Please tell us more about your Ted Kennedy claim. Use referenced sources.
  7. You don't understand: An assault rifle is a poor man's penis. When a rich man feels insecure about things below the belt, he can buy a ridiculous super car as a penis substitute. An insecure poor man can't afford that, but he can buy a ridiculous assault rifle, something louder and even more useless than a super car.
  8. "Police cars stop anyone they think might be considering a crime. That will get a million guns off the street in a year." So you want to let the police stop anyone who they think might be considering a crime? That might get millions of illegal guns a year off the street, but only if the US required people carrying guns to be licensed and the guns registered. Then let the police stop anyone they think might be carrying illegally and check licenses and registration. Sounds good doesn't it?
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