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  1. If lobbying were illegal we would have to lock up a lot of corporate big-shots in this country. Russia, China and Iran aren't being accused of lobbying the US government.
  2. Yes, and the people of Pyongyang support Kim Jong Un in North Korea, because he, like Thailand's elites, keeps the capital much richer than the rest of the country. That doesn't justify this form of government (I assume we are still not allowed to use the d-word).
  3. Shocked? Really? The fact that the demonstrations were dying of apathy when the 2014 coup was initiated doesn't suggest anything to you?
  4. How does that prevent Russian or other foreign interference in the election?
  5. Not a problem, I'm a very analytical person by nature and training. I was trying to help you understand that baseless claims of widespread election fraud does not help election integrity or democracy.
  6. What are you going on about? The lack of significant election fraud indicates that existing safeguards are doing a pretty good job of preventing it. There weren't millions of illegal votes for Hillary Clinton. There isn't evidence of significant voter fraud in the upcoming election. Apparently some people hope it will happen, but they will be disappointed.
  7. Try thinking with the logical side of your brain: What was the Trump campaign investigated for? Hint; no one said he was a Russian spy.
  8. They presented an incompetent, if not intentionally fraudulent, analysis of risk as the work of competent experts. That's why their post was removed. "Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, who own urgent care centers in the region, had called a press conference to release their conclusions about the results of 5,213 COVID-19 tests they had conducted at their centers and testing site. They claimed the results showed that the virus had spread further in the area, undetected, and thus wasn’t all that dangerous." "But public health experts were quick to debunk the doctors’ findings as misguided and riddled with statistical errors — and an example of the kind of misleading information they are forced to waste precious time disputing." https://www.dailynews.com/2020/04/28/california-doctors-with-dubious-covid-conclusions-debunked/
  9. Yes, last time Trump insisted there were millions of illegal votes for Hillary Clinton, yet strangely could not find a single one. This time he's certain to make a similar claim about mail in ballots, and will be equally unsuccessful in finding fraudulent votes.
  10. Do you think their desire to express their opinions about the economic shutdown justify making false statements about disease progression? Regardless, they posted false and misleading information on YouTube under the guise of science. YouTube was correct to remove their post.
  11. The doctors drawing dangerous conclusions from data analysis that was, to put it politely, flawed? "In a rare statement late today, the American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine declared they “emphatically condemn the recent opinions released by Dr. Daniel Erickson and Dr. Artin Messihi. These reckless and untested musings do not speak for medical societies and are inconsistent with current science and epidemiology regarding COVID-19." https://www.dailynews.com/2020/04/28/california-doctors-with-dubious-covid-conclusions-debunked/
  12. Be specific: Who are these doctors and what was censored?
  13. Both sides did that during the cold war. Has the US done that since the cold war ended?
  14. Use sources that have spent decades if not a century or more earning a reputation for factual reporting, and acknowledging and correcting mistakes when they are made. I rely on the BBC news app, read The Economist every week, and read stories on topics of interest that come from Reuters, AP, UPI, Barron's, Washington Post, New York Times, etc. I can't emphasize this enough: Don't rely on 24 hour news channels, which are driven by ratings, and click-bait internet sites.
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