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  1. So long as Trump actively seeks the spotlight, and the Republican party and right wing 'news' outlets promote him, it is the job of the press to report on him. Can you imagine Trump's rage if the media ignored him?
  2. Actually it's the informed Trump haters who want him to be held accountable for past crimes and prevented from committing future crimes. It's the misinformed Trump supporters (the ones who believe the election was stolen, Obama was born in Kenya, Qanon conspiracies are real, etc.) who want to obstruct justice.
  3. From appointment in May 2017 to the submission of his report in March 2019 was almost two years. The Whitewater investigation lasted from January 1994 to June 1996, two and a half years. Mueller left the door open to future investigations: "“Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russian-interference and obstruction investigations,” Mueller wrote. “The incidents were often carried out through one-on-one meetings in which the President sought to use his offi
  4. "Why would the majority of US people be against Trump?" A half million dead because Trump didn't follow the science. Massive tax cuts for corporations and the rich. A steep rise in right-wing hate crimes. Refusing to accept the election result and attempting to prevent a peaceful transition of power. These are just the first few that come to mind.
  5. Are you seriously saying that the media should not accurately report on what Trump says and does, and fact check his claims?
  6. Are you arguing that since developers have dealings with organized crime, it's ok for a President to have had dealings with organized crime? BTW: How is it that someone in Scotland is an expert on organized crime in the US?
  7. Can you give examples? Can you link any Presidents within the last 50 years, other than Trump, for which there were credible suspicions of links to organized crime?
  8. If true, none of them should ever hold public office.
  9. "Most investigated President in history."? Really? Are you old enough to remember the Whitewater investigation? When the initial investigation couldn't find any criminal activities by the Clintons, Kenneth Starr was given carte blanche to spend as much time and money as necessary to dig up any kind of dirt on either the President or his wife. That's how Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a BJ. Think about that; an investigation into a real estate deal led to the President being interrogated about a BJ. Can you imagine what might have been found if Mueller ha
  10. Did you read the article? Your argument was tried and failed: "The Supreme Court in July rejected those arguments but said Trump could raise other subpoena objections. Trump's lawyers then told lower courts the subpoena was overly broad and amounted to political harassment. U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in August and the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in October rejected those claims."
  11. It's really quite simple: In November and December people traveled and participated in many family super spreader events. The infection rate shot up in the weeks after. The travel and family gatherings dropped significantly after December. Infection rates dropped, but that didn't show up in the statistics until a few weeks after December. Limited herd immunity may have played some part, but it is unlikely it played a major role in the drop. If and when enough people get vaccinated that will change.
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