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  1. I wasn't asking for the order. I was pointing out too the OP that what is required is contained in it. Thanks for posting the links though as at least the OP can now read it.
  2. There latest notice specifically stated 'No agents'. I have no idea how they update there info but as for cancellations, you cannot cancel with less than 24 hrs left on your booking without paying the penalty of being banned from there for a month (If I remember without going on the system to look) I am led too believe even the visa run company's cannot make a booking for you without your personal details so, even if agents are working the system, I am not sure how an agent would get a booking there and then?
  3. What exactly is needed is in the latest police order.
  4. You cannot just walk in. That is why is it is now appointment system and why the visa run company's now check you actually have a confirmed booking before they will transport you there. As far as I am aware, you cannot even enter there without an appointment
  5. The concept of the system is actually quite clever. If you watch the tutorial, you can apply through the portal anywhere in the world, get the approval for the visa to be issued and then choose a mission, anywhere in the world to collect the visa. UK passport holders will no longer need to be actually in London to apply through the portal. The only proviso on collecting the visa, will be determined by the Embassy/consulate where you wish to collect the visa being switched over too the system. The idea is to have all Thai embassy's and consulates worldwide switched over within 2 years. That isn't hard to do. It's simply software installed on a local terminal and an Internet connection. Once the switch starts, and it already has with China, it will be a gradual changeover as the system is proved. The UK and France switch over in April and then I think it will be swiftly followed by other country's through 2019. IMO, they will be followed by Vientiane and KL as they have recently switched to a an appointment system anyway. For instance, you are in London but will be travelling to KL before visiting Thailand. You apply for the visa, get the approval but rather than going to London, you choose to collect the visa in KL while you are there before travelling too Thailand. Of course though, due to digital fraud, there is always liable to be a check on your hard copy's of documents before you actually get the visa put in your passport. The system is able to handle the majority of visa types, not only tourist visas.
  6. No it isn't the system that was previously launched and no, this system has never been used before other than the basics of a similar system being used in Singapore albeit without the database link. It certainly wasn't developed by the same source or indeed on a worldwide CISCO system. You would be surprised by what this particular system can do and exactly what it knows about you
  7. If I knew that I would tell you, but I don't know that because I had nothing to do with the programming side, and again, the immigration database is linked in. I only know how the system works, and which Tech was involved in the build (UK, US, France, and Germany) but not how any parameters were set. I believe it is the first time Thailand has had a system in place that incorporates the MFA and Immigration together so it is all new in that respect.
  8. There are no loopholes in the system. If you attempt to lie to it, it simply picks up on the next stage of application. It simply doesn't allow you to apply without the correct documentation in front of you which you then upload to the system electronically before you submit it. If by chance you managed to cheat the system in to issuing the visa, it would be picked up on when you attend to get the visa affixed and your hard copy.s are checked.
  9. Here. **e-visa application will start from 1 April 2019**Thailand has introduced e-visa application. From 1 April 2019, visa applicants in the UK and Ireland have to apply online.
  10. Yes I have just tried it. it gives this and no further info. The portal isn't yet complete You cannot apply for a visa through the Visa Application System.Your visa application can be submitted to following mission
  11. You will need to register then they will ask you to attend if it isn't possible to issue an online decision. Until closer too the time and the portal is actually complete, it's impossible to know exactly which visas can be applied for online.
  12. The documented proof is on the London Thai Embassy Facebook page. The London Thai embassy tend to get there information out that way, rather than updating there web address frequently.Apart from that, I have first had knowledge of how the system is set up. You can accept what I am explaining or not. I told you 3 weeks before the US stopped the income letters it was going happen but you wouldn't accept it. The same way as I have told you there is a major overhaul in the immigration system which again, you choose not to accept. Sometimes it's better to listen what people are telling you instead of putting doubt in others minds of exactly what is happening. The system is designed to stop this swapping of passports and people gaining visas that shouldn't be getting them. Hence the whole system is now linked together via MFA and Immigration. All Thai Embassy's worldwide will eventually need to switch too this system. China switched to the self same system I believe the 15th February for those requiring more than a VOA.
  13. The application decision is done by the parameters built in the system which is a databased system running in Bangkok. The Embassy has no input. I'm not sure which categories of visas you maybe referring too? part from maybe some oddball visa, all the categories are built in to the system. Everybody in the UK holding a UK or Irish passport after the 1st April MUST use electronic application.
  14. It is NOT an appointment system. It is online visa application. You will create an account, scan and upload your documents, passport etc. Then, if you are successful, you will make an appointment at ANY Embassy or consulate, take the hard copy's of your documents that you submitted electronically and get the visa affixed in your passport. There is no option for walk in or postal applications as the information is required for you to upload securely direct too the Bangkok based Database. The Embassy has no input or decision in issuing the visa other than declining it if your hard copy's are in anyway different to those which you actually uploaded. There 'Maybe' an option to post your documents once the initial application has been agreed and the agreement reached to issue you a visa. The London Embassy needs permission from the MFA and Immigration in Bangkok for this too happen. At the moment this permission has not been obtained.
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