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  1. Tourist Visa, apply if your stay is less than 90 days in past 6 month, still MUST show own Thai Book Bank with balance THB 20,000.- up OR print out from your Bank account from home country value USD 700.-up. Onward air ticket is not required at the moment. https://www.thaivisaservice.com/visa-application-bangkok-to-savannakhet-lao-pdr
  2. News from our friend in Penang, Malaysia: Jim Tachinamurthy 27 mins Being reported by a visa agent in Penang. Now requiring a flight ticket back to passport country before being issued a Tourist visa for Thailand. Hello my bombastic clients and friends,for tourist visa it’s getting harder and harder everyday.please bring a flight ticket to ur own country and a hostel booking for at least 3 days and if u have more than 2 tourist stamps in ur passport or have been in thailand for long time please bring a bank statement in case they ask for it.for divers with work permit please bring ur diving licence please.thank u very big.
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