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  1. It's much easier to collect backhanders from one source.
  2. Equal tariffs in both directions would solve the trade surplus. Come on Trump and Europe, stand up for equality in trade deals.
  3. One poster talked of dual carriageways but Theprasit is a normal 2 way road without formal U turns. If the car had turned from the very left lane to u turn the Thai would certainly have said that, but he didn't Anyway we only have the Thai version that the Brit was making a u turn, it is perfectly possible that he was merely turning right.
  4. I once read an article from mosquito experts saying that protective lotions should have a minimum content of 30% deet. I found a one with 25% deet and it was the cheapest. Blue bottle printed with a large number 15. I assume company name. However lately it has disappeared from all supermarket shelves ( chemists and 7/11 don't sell it) Now left with creams with 7% deet.
  5. Not a new philosophy. "it is also in the interest of a tyrant to make his subjects poor so that he may be able to be able to afford the cost of a bodyguard, while the people are so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for plotting". Aristotle.
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