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  1. UK has vaccinated around 70.000.000 split 1st and 2nd doses so far over 6 months and proving effective in lowering deaths. . Cases up 300% recently owing to the Delta variant. On the other hand UK tests between 800.000 and 1.200.000 daily. Can be checked on "public health england daily report"
  2. The India strain in the UK went from 0 to 80% in the space of 8 weeks and may delay the next "relaxation" phase. Scientists are worried.
  3. In the UK the Kent (uk) strain has been overwhelmed by the Indian strain and is now 80% of cases and causing concern. It is bound to do the same in Thailand. Cases up from average 2000 daily to 7000 yesterday. Daily tests around 800.000 but 1.2000.000 one day recently. Normally single figure deaths.
  4. Reliable figures have been published stating that low viral doses in the nose of fully vaccinated make them more unlikely to pass covid on. Encl another chart.
  5. Remember the Thai Airways logo painted over after a Suvarnabhum crash? The figures must never be high enough to deter tourists.
  6. Thanks a lot for your attention potless. I get that form up OK. The problem crops up with various individual insurance companies who turn me down because of age. I don't need it urgently so I'll give it a rest for now. Thanks again.
  7. I may be doing something wrong. If so apologies. I have no problem getting on the tgia site saying available up to 99 years. Nor Luma, viriyah Tune AXA, Pacific Cross etc., the problem crops up when I inserty age ver 80.then refused. Anyway not absulutely essential for a few months so I'll try later. If it interests anybody further try a fictitious application stating DOB in 1930s. Many thanks to all posters. You're great.
  8. Yes Joe. That's the site I was referring to up to 99 years means nothing. Viriyah for eg when asking for covid insurance ( my car insurer) has a price list only for 40000/400000 one maybe covid too but cuts off at only 70 years old. I Tried Tune. AXA, Pacific Cross and others, all 75 age cut off but will try again. I have plenty of time and hoping for changes.
  9. It's after I fill in my age on the application form that "unable to offer a quote" pops up.
  10. Hello Joe. When I said no matter what headlines say I was referring to that site which a few people recommended. So I said "Try it" I've tried many and all price lists end at 75 years. I would love to be proven wrong or incompetent. This hasn't been an issue for 17 years. I've assets and 1 mio baht in the bank. I'm hoping that things will change. Thanks for replying.
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