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  1. It could open up a new opportunity for Farang "double" pricing by selling condoms by the centimeter.
  2. And the poorer workers have to pay 30 baht to sent 1.000 baht to parents because of a fictitious Chang Wat digital border.
  3. I am reminded of the ( I believe) 3.000 baht payments allocated to the "destitute" A young heroic, student, Khon Kaen whistle-blower revealed that she (and others) were recruited to forge signatures of receipt for these amounts. It turned out that this was happening nationwide. Can a person sink lower than that?. I don't believe attitudes have changed.
  4. As the Credit Suisse investigation concluded that Thailand was Number 1. (the worst) in the distribution of wealth league, how is it possible for you to be correct? Oh! I see. Only a guess.
  5. Surely that can't be correct? Does that mean I'm still a "stud"!
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