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  1. Joe. This is the first time I've read that the imported money has to be an average. I read that they insist on monthly. I started bringing in 65k monthly in January but would be happier to bring in 200.000 every 3 months. Is there documentation to this effect? Thanks.
  2. I had to laugh when I read this was Khorat (Dan Kwian) immigration. Years ago I renewed "retirement" extension and had income far over 65.000. Although not necessary I got a letter (then 2/3 days old and legal) to show I was not poverty stricken and had funds in the bank also. To be a really good boy I deposited 1.000 baht on my way to prove that the cash was still there. In spite of my not needing any money in the bank the officer screeched "money in bank not same letter" and made me travel many kilometers back to Khorat to get a new letter. Is it any wonder that now I'm sceptical.
  3. I believe so. Then bring more money monthly in the next year and reduce to 200.000 in the bank fter 3 months. eventually just bringing in 65k monthly.
  4. I am very much an amateur so please don't shoot me down. But I might be inclined to play safe and stick to bank method in Sept.19. Then how about from that month bringing in 35.000 baht monthly. After a further 3 months start spending 400.000 of capital Next extension apply using the combination approach with 420.000 income to bank and 400.000 in Bank. Rinse and repeat downwards.
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