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  1. Would you ever sell your face? If the answer is yes, there is a Japanese company that wants to hear from you. It’s in the business of buying the rights to people’s faces so it can sell them in the form of hyper-realistic 3D-printed masks. Ever since Kamenya Omoto, a Tokyo-based specialty mask maker and store, announced its intention to buy the rights to people’s faces for 40,000 yen ($380) a pop, it’s been overwhelmed with offers. The company wants to reproduce people’s faces in the form of hyper-realistic masks and sell them for an estimated ($9
  2. Nigerian socialite Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, aka “Pretty Mike”, sparked controversy after attending a high-profile wedding accompanied by six heavily pregnant women, all allegedly carrying his babies. Describing the women as his “six baby mothers to be”, Pretty Mike was filmed rubbing and kissing each of their bellies at the wedding of Nigerian actor Williams Uchemba to his girlfriend Brunella Oscar. The socialite, who owns a nightclub in Lagos, wore a pink suit, while his six dates put on matching long silver dresses or two-piece outfits that emphasized their baby bumps.
  3. A dad who spotted his daughter filming a craft video decided to add a bit of flair as a backup dancer - but had no idea the video was being sent to her teacher for a school project. The hilarious clip shows the young girl setting up her camera, announcing "so today we're going to do some crafts" and asking Alexa to put on some music as she begins her commentary. With the dad assuming she was simply making a video for her own entertainment, he couldn't help but show off his incredible moves when the speaker begins to blast Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk. He demons
  4. Video of an 11-year-old girl bravely rescuing a shark who somehow found itself trapped in a tidal pool has delighted the internet. Abby Gilbert started recording when she realized her daughter, Billie Rea, had noticed a small draughtboard shark struggling to find its way back into the ocean at Kingston Beach in Tasmania, Australia, and had taken it upon herself to help it. “And she just, without letting me know what was happening or doubting herself at all, she just went straight down … it was wedged between these two rocks right in the shallows,” Gilbert to
  5. 35-year-old Rin Kambe has been dubbed the Japanese Rapunzel because of her nearly 6-feet-long mane, which she hasn’t cut in 15 years. Rin, who hails from Tokyo, was never allowed to grow her hair as a child. She was on the girl’s football team so had to keep it short, but when she became an adult, she decided to take control of her hair and use it as a “weapon of expression”. The last time she cut her hair was 15 years ago, and now her straight, black locks measure 5ft 10in, a good 4 inches more than Rin herself. Although her hair sometimes get
  6. An ASOS customer was left in stitches when the £75 coat she ordered online didn't quite give her the look she was expecting. Eve Curran ordered the ASOS Design croc vinyl trench coat, which is available in brown and white, with the online description stating the 'mock-croc design' is regular fit and 'true to size'. But when Eve got her hands on the new winter wear and tried it on, she felt slightly overwhelmed by the huge fit of the coat and shared hilarious comparison pictures on Twitter, as reported by Daily Star. She posted side-by-side images of how the
  7. Colombian police recently announced the dismantlement of a Cali-based drug cartel that specialized in coercing women to get breast implants that were actually filled with liquid cocaine. Drug trafficking organizations ae known for coming up with all sorts of ingenious methods of sending their products all over the world to minimize getting discovered at security checkpoints. You’ve surely heard of underground tunnels several kilometers long under the Mexico-US border, or of drug smuggling submarines, but did you know about the Colombian trafficking ring usin
  8. A mysterious monolith has been discovered in a remote part of the United States. The object, which is estimated to be around 10 to 12 feet tall and made of some type of metal, was found planted in the ground, tucked in a red rock cove. It was spotted in Utah by state wildlife officials who were helping to count bighorn sheep from a Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter. "That's been about the strangest thing that I've come across out there in all my years of flying," pilot Bret Hutchings told local news channel KSL TV. "One of the bio
  9. A doctor has gone viral after celebrating her son's fourth birthday by showing him how to deliver a baby with playdough. The video showing her son's impressive surgical skills as he successfully cut through the patient's abdomen has been viewed thousands of times. Some viewers dubbed the video "inappropriate" and complained it was too graphic, while orders endorsed the woman for educating her children about surgery. In her Twitter bio, Dr Jessica So, who creates the videos under the username @thebreakfasteur, explained that she started making them for her su
  10. An Amazon delivery driver has gone viral after a doorbell camera captured the incredible moment she followed a customer's delivery instructions challenging her to dance during the drop off. TikTok user Mowhawkdog used yellow tape to mark off an area on the floor in perfect view of the camera, sticking a note to the wall reading: 'Amazon deliveries: Let's play! Stand in yellow square, look at camera and do a 5-10 second *dance* for TikTok.' Footage shows three drivers come and go without taking part, as one avoids stepping in the square altogether and another
  11. The organizers of the annual America’s Best Restroom contest have flushed out a 2020 winn er. Cintas Corporation named the public restroom in Bancroft Park in Colorado Springs, Colo. as America’s best bathroom for the 19th annual contest. The high-tech restroom self-cleans after every 30 uses, featuring a touchless automatic toilet paper, soap and water dispensers and hand dryers. An app alerts the park maintenance supervisor whenever supplies are running low. “We’re very proud to win this award since opening these new restrooms just a few short mo
  12. A small family-owned factory that has been making soap since the 15th century sells claims to sell the world’s most expensive bar of soap, at $2,800. The Khan Al Saboun brand of handmade soap created by Bader Hassen & Sons, a soap factory in Tripoli, Lebanon, makes a variety of luxury soaps and skincare products containing essential oils and natural fragrances. They are sold in some of the most exclusive shops in Dubai and the UAE, but its most expensive product is only offered to special guests and important personalities. First made in 2013, as a uniqu
  13. The saying “you are what you eat” may soon become a lot more literal. A “DIY meal kit” for growing steaks made from human cells was recently nominated for “design of the year” by the London-based Design Museum. Named the Ouroboros Steak after the circular symbol of a snake eating itself tail-first, the hypothetical kit would come with everything one needs to use their own cells to grow miniature human meat steaks. “People think that eating oneself is cannibalism, which technically this is not," Grace Knight, one of the designers, told Dezeen magazine.
  14. Much like the erstwhile X-Men spinoff New Mutants, the sci-fi blockbuster Chaos Walking has been through the ringer. Despite starring two of the most bankable young actors on the planet (Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland), the film was deemed “unreleasable” in its original form, prompting extensive reshoots. Principal photography wrapped in November 2017, followed by reshoots in 2019, and now it’s finally scheduled for release in 2021. Oh, Lionsgate just released the first trailer, so we actually know what this movie looks like! The answer? Pretty great!
  15. South Korean television channel MBN recently introduced its viewer’s to the Asian country’s first ever AI-powered news anchor, an eerily realistic version of human anchor Kim Ju-ha. Developed by MBN in partnership with artificial intelligence production company Money Brain, South Korea’s first AI-powered news anchor was reportedly shockingly similar to her human inspiration. Not only did it have the exact same look and voice of the popular presenter, but she also mimicked the small gestures that Kim sometimes makes, like fiddling with a pen while reporting the news.
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