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  1. It's a little scary really when they come out with stuff like this. Their attitude towards the population is so contemptible with their finger-wagging and fake shallowness on almost everything and then expect to be left totally alone to do anything they want plus enjoy all the trappings of power uninterrupted by anyone or any insubordinate stuff like questions. In this case, he tells everyone to strive to make a moral crusade in the community whilst he and those he represents (plus the fascist elite in general) do the opposite and get high on the elixir of money and power...just disgusting. They really have nothing but sneering scorn for all they see as a lower forms of life...might as well be on different planets, just that they can't come out and say it but you can see all too much when he has an episode and loses it.
  2. The Labour party seems to be scoring spectacular own goals at the moment and the Tories have been lucky that these clowns have been in charge of the opposition recently. Oh, almost forgot, just to cap-it-all-off Derek Hatton has just been accepted back into the fold of the party on the same day these 7 leave. That's funny and the irony should not escape many. And just for interest for those wondering what Trotsky Derek has been up to since his infamy in Liverpool...running a property empire in Cyprus, Lol...how very socialist of you Derek.
  3. It'll be interesting to compare the outcome of this situation with the foreigner doing a U-turn story. Short odds on foreigner royally screwed and taxi guy a wai and 500 baht huh?
  4. Silly nonsense comment from Estonia really...if it suits Germany, France or the EU/Brussels agenda then anything can be changed at any time for any reason.
  5. I'd like to know if both the Brit and the Thai had licenses, tax, insurance, not drunk/no drugs etc. and if either are a fail on this front then they are at fault as they shouldn't have even been on the road in the first place. If both flunk it on this issue then toss them both in the slammer.
  6. Spain will lose Catalonia at some point in the not so distant future as they have ridden roughshod over the sentiment of those who live there and built up resentment that won't be easily gotten rid of. The Spanish aren't as savy as the UK is/was on these matters and the boat has sailed on treating Catalonia democratically (they blew it a while back)...too much lingering dictatorship inclination from the recent past still getting the better of them and their attitude towards Gibraltar also exposes this clearly. You can just imagine the howls from Scotland if it was treated in such a manner and the UK has a much better chance of staying together than Spain does due to the Scots being treated reasonably and are pretty much near-as-dammit independent now. They are even allowed seats at Westminster still...can't imagine MPs from elsewhere ever having a voice in Holyrood.
  7. Pathetic. I guess it's a race to pass as much through the rubber stamp "Yes" brigade as possible before the election. Then again though, maybe the Thais deserve all of this as they put up with this garbage so willingly.
  8. Pretty piss-poor boat "Captain" if he couldn't avoid an oil tanker in a speed boat...although titles like this or "Engineer" etc. are very lightly thrown around these days here.
  9. As a general observation, it is hardly surprising (rightly or wrongly) that the Israelis vote for right-wing strongmen like this considering the enemies/threats they have (or have had in the past)/live under now (which few arm-chair judges from safe countries understand really) and the constant attacks they are under...even from the likes of fluffy socialists like the UK Labour party. Don't hold your breath here as it's likely that he will be re-elected for more of the same as it looks (to me) like Israel feels more vulnerable now than it has for a long time, so a flirtation experiment with a center or center-left party seems unlikely.
  10. What will the snowflakes come up with next? Glad to see them addressing the pressing issues as usual.
  11. CP is a monster...might as well just rename it Omni-Corp.
  12. The report talks of "those that dwell in the forest" as if they are some race of beings from The Lord of the Rings or something...bet they all have TVs, smart phones, motorbikes and all the rest too these days, despite the minister's fine words about small changes too their lifestyles like mobile phones.
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