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  1. Quote

    He said there were precedents - Pote Sarasin (an acting PM in the 1950s) had one between Phangnga and Phuket named after him just as soon as he came into office. 


    And one (in Songkhla in the south) had been named after former 1980s Thai PM and Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanond who died last year. 


    So why not Lung Too or Uncle Too, too. 

    I tell you why not Mister: Because Sarasin-bridge in Phuket is of 660m length, and even the mentioned millau bridge in france is "only" 2460m, while (realistic) distance between Samui and mainland is at least 20km... But maybe a street-crossing bridge somwhere in the outskirts of KhonKaen could be named after Big Too

    Screenshot_2020-01-18 Google Maps.png

  2. Am I the only one here who wonders why BigJoke is not in the slightest embarrased being "caught" in a massage parlor? Do state-officials and politicians really park their cars openly in the street, next to the  entrance-door? Can all the ministers, gouvernors etc. be found in Patpong, Ratchadapisek or New Petchaburi road? Or could it be that one of them even sits next to you (as a customer!) in Nana-entertainment area? Questions over questions

  3. Not easy to tackle. If you think what others try to fight pollution:

    Exhaust measuring (loads of different figures)


    Badge on your number plate for passing pollution-test, clearly readable, valid for two years


    Environmental-zones in every city. Enter only EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines with green badge on windscreen (also for Trucks, Busses, Taxis, Vans...)Umweltplakette-Fakten-Pflichten-Strafen-1080x675.jpg.0a2a95d8b3dcf6510195f13b82bd5c54.jpg



    AdBlue pump nozzle at all diesel stationsadblue-bild.JPGAdBlue-Zapfhahn-an-Total-Tankstelle-474x316-14c439bbeaf1026a.jpg.3cb1ef32b3436782a7a8f90d09402fd2.jpg

    PM 2,5 filters on heavy-traffic roads


    Fuel-cell busses


    Long way to go Thailand....

  4. Isn't Bangkok Airways quite expensive? More like the "HiSo Koh Samui"-Airline. I think for example from Laos or Cambodia most would fly on AirAsia, Nok or Thai Smile. LoCost flights are cheaper than BA around 800Baht, return-flight probably 1600. That money you can spend wherever you want, no need for a Voucher and being "lured"....

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  5. That happens in germany every week. Mostly romanian or bulgarian "immigrants" who steal copper and steel lines to sell it to scrap metal merchands. Sometimes german train system is interrupted because thieves grap signalling-cables from beside the tracks. Culprits rarely arrested. So what can you do? Telecom-, Electrical-power- and train-companies use "chemical DNA" nowadays to brand/identify the metals, ie. they spray a film of identifier from helicopters on overhead-lines.

  6. The signalling system is perfectly adequate, as long as the signals are obeyed. The method of fixing rails to sleepers is perfectly adequate if sleepers are replaced when they rot. Passing messages as described, although low tech, works does it not?

    The problem with Thailand's railway system does not lie in the age of the equipment, it lies in the way in which it is managed.

    The fastest train from Buriram to Bangkok ("Special express") takes 7½ hours - for a distance of 380 kilometers! Obviousliy, they can't do it faster with the existing equipment (tracks, trains, signalling, crossing, stations etc.). Thai trains have an average travel speed of 40-50kph. So, instead of dreaming of bullet trains going 300kph (wich they will never afford, even with the help of the Chinese) they should with little money mondernise their existing system and try to reach average travel speeds of 80-100kph, wich would be enough for a country the size of thailand (ie. 7 hour ride Bangkok-ChiangMai compared to 12 hours today or 10 hours Bangkok-HatYai compared to 16½ hours today).

  7. Thai overland train-system is really stuck in the 19. century while most other countries (even 3.-world countries) have arrived in the 21. century. Have you ever seen the "communication" in running trains or at stations? Messages are in a little plastic-bag that dangles on a pole beside the track. The train driver grab them WITH BARE HANDS and then, a few miles later, hang that plastic-bag with the "answer" back on another pole, sometimes with the help of stick. You can watch that at the stations in Buriram or Udon-Thani or when you go to the first carriage and watch the drivers-cabin from behind. I have never seen that anywhere in the world and it really makes the impression of a child-train in an amusement-park....


  8. A complete ban isn`t a good idea IMHO. Even in germany a child of as little as 5 or 6 can be a passenger on a motorbike with appropriate child seat (of course only ONE per vehicle and with helmet). If children aren't allowed to be passengers on a motorbike, what comes next? Ban them from riding their own little bikes to elementary school? They must have the right to be outside traffic participants! Otherwise everything will even more focus on cars, cars, cars. There are really enough of them in thailand!


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  9. Nice Video, however, western countries could never promote their domestic tourism with a dub text like the TAT-clip. All the off-voice says is: travel, relax, party, dance enjoy thai things, in thay style, the thay way, with thai people. See thai things, hear thai music from thais for thais, eat thai-food prepared by thais and dedicated to thais etc. and so on. If this was all you could hear in a spot for german tourism everybody would say the whole ad is egoistic, racist, nationalistic, chauvinist and simply "nazi".

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