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  1. Maybe it will be a fleet of MB Citaro'stongue.png

    That would be great! Mercedes-Benz- best busses at all. But wait - who is going to sell you a brandnew western standard commuter-bus for as low as 3.5 or 4 Million Bath? They are sold around 8 Million. But wait - you can get them used for as low as 1.5Mio Baht (35 000.- €) - 10 years old, 1 Mio. kilometers. Still better than chinese crap and everything that is rolling on Bangkok-streets today:


  2. Boggles the mind to read, year after year how the NE people and the government simply doesn't

    know how to deal, and how completely unprepared they are to the cold season, I mean, com'on, is this the

    first cold season you have experienced in your life? and every year the same story, people die,

    people starve, shortage of blankets food, heating etc. etc..

    when will you ever learn to prepare for anything in life people of the north? here is a clue,

    cold seasons will come every year round this time of the year, let's see the headlines next




  3. A high-speed train for Thailand is complete rubbish. Why do they want to jump from 1905 to 2015? If they aim so high (ie. 300kph bullet train with enormous expenisve tracks, bridges and tunnels), they will NEVER achieve it. This will only lead to another Hopewell-desaster.

    Better modernize your run-down "Bimmelbahn" to an electrified, double-track, standard-gauge train system of european (provincial) level (ie. TER, IC, EC, Rapide) with a max. speed of 150kph so that you could reach an average travel-speed of 110kph. Bangkok-NongKhai or Bangkok-UbonRatchathani in 5-6 hours (instead of 10-11. nowadays) - fast enough. AND your could mix with little effort freight an passenger trains - what is normally not possible on a high-speed railway-system.

  4. If this article is about private-run Baht-Buses (Songteauws, ie. Pick-Ups with passenger-seats on the plattform) then it is NOT about the big (Bangkok-)state-run buses.

    As for the Baht-Buses in KhonKaen, Sukhothai, HatYai, Pattaya or the Bangkok-outskirts, it is a decent and cheap means of travel (5-15 Baht, the fare IS according to distance, see the scheme/sticker on the back-window of the cab). I don't think that they loose customers to Motorsaai-Taxis, simpy because you would pay for the same distance 50-80Baht and therefore quite expensive for average thais (houswifes, students, factory-workers...).

    >In return, it has caused baht buses to lose 70 percent of their customers and their income to decrease by 700-800 baht per day.

    That would mean they previously had an income of 1100-1400 Baht per day, wich is far above the thai wages of 250-400 Baht per day. I think you could reach that only by scamming tourists (the well-known always honking, aggressive and ennoying Songteaws in KohChang, KohSamui who would charge 500 Baht/person for a 7km ride - 10 times higher than a bangkok-Taxi!!

  5. Why don't they just ban these bl...y TucTucs. After all, they are no use, always aggressive, all drivers touts. In Bangkok mostly found in tourist-areas, wich means they are there to cheat and to ripp-off. In some provinces TucTucs are a "normal" means of transport, but even upcountry it's difficult to find a decent driver - ripp-off samey to Bangkok. Better try to call the local taxi-cooperative, they'll send you a brandnew airconditioned Corolla and driver hopefully use the meter.

  6. >A Bt4-billion module of the Bt350-billion water management project - a data centre for weather forecasting and disaster warnings - is high likely to be given first priority

    4 Billion Baht for a data center? Could they not "buy" (license) the information from international meteorological satellite-operators? As for Disaster-warning - shouldn't be a big issue in times of 4G-GSM.

    >here is still some confusion as to whether the country has sufficient oil and gas sources to reduce the need for huge imports or to consume at cheap prices

    Nope. Not enough gas (in the long term) and even less oil.

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  7. It's a shame! A city full of brandnew Toyotas, Mazdas and Isuzus, on top, hundreds of thousands of BMWs, Benz, Minis and Lexus, all worth millions and millions of baht. But a public mass transport system that consists (apart from MRT and BTS) of 30 or 40 year old dangerous, uncomfortable, lousy, energy-wasting and air-polluting buses. The look of the vehicles, the rotten bus stops, the confusing line-denotation, the missing maps and the nonexistent time-tables says it all. Thailand has gone a wrong way for many years in focusing on individual transportation, and abandonding public bus transport.

    BTW in the 60ties Thais used to cycle a lot and there was a tramway in Bangkok - all gone....

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  8. There will always be homicide. Everywhere in the world people kill- because of anger, because of rage, because of greed, because of morbid jealousy, because of revenge. They will always do. You can not prevent that completely. But a society shouldn't kill. A state shouldn't take revenge. A judiciary system shouldn't be driven by and designed by hate or revenge or anger, but by resocialisation, prevention and satisfaction. Cambodia (!) has abolished death penalty many years ago!

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