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  1. This is sad to hear. I have been a fan of the Siam Square Apex theaters for many, many years, preferring to see films on their screens rather than in ultra-modern theaters whenever possible. There were three Apex theaters during my exile in Thailand. Now there will (probably) be none. In this decline, the first of these three to go was Siam Theater (one screen), burned out by Red rioters in the troubles of 2010; it was very old but classic. Lido Multiplex Theater, just down the road, was my great favorite with three screens and a great selection of movies as well as special classic film festivals, but then it had morphed not that long ago into a venue for some kind of chic Happenings other than current movies – although they did have one screen still showing some films just prior to our recent Plague. Scala Theater was the classiest of them, with vintage decor and an old-time feel, and I hope they can preserve it for other uses. Please pardon the nostalgia of old guys like me, but we carry a heavy weight of memory. Memories can be precious, and it’s sad to see them go. Through the years, I have enjoyed so many wonderful movie experiences at Scala and the other Apex theaters. Farewell.
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