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  1. I assume you wrote that from the UK? - Over here (in Phuket) people leave their cars empty with the engine running (to keep the aircon going) while they go into the 7. - Over here, there are mangos, coconuts, papaya etc. growing at the side of the road in easy reach, and no one touches them! - Over here, the street vendors park their salongs in the road outside their homes - and don't bother unpacking them. - Over here, you can leave your patio furniture out overnight. ..... just a few that spring to mind. (A few weeks ago my father had plants stolen from his front garden in Devon)
  2. I would go to the beach and ask a vendor.
  3. Same on Layan and Nai Yang, so probably many other west coast beaches. Looks like turds floating in the water from a distance, but closer inspection reveals just clumps of seaweed. Also, hundreds of dead fish along a stretch of Nai Yang today, so no idea what caused that.
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