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  1. I am based in New York and will be getting my OA long stay visa shortly. I would like the Visa to start on Nov 15, the day my insurance coverage starts so they are both aligned. Does anyone know if I can request a visa to start on a particular date? Someone told me I could do that, but I wanted to get a few opinions. Again, my insurance begins on the 15th for one year and I want to Visa to mirror that so I don't have issues next year with reentry based on my insurance not covering a "full year"
  2. I just got the insurance required from a company outside Thailand. They signed the required certificate as well. Details below: I stay in Thailand for six months every year and spend the other six months in the US. I always get an OA visa because I truly don't like doing visa runs, (ME tourist visa I would still need a visa run and also I would need to be employed or a student). You can make an OA Visa last two years if you return to Thailand prior to the Visa expiring. This year, I needed a new OA Visa. The confusing part to me was I can get my visa prior to Oct 31, but I will be arriving the end of November. There have been multiple opinions on whether I would need the insurance since it comes into effect after the 31st, but arriving after that. Not wanting to take the chance on being rejected when I arrive in Thailand, I decided to secure the insurance (I usually got Travel Insurance, which frankly had a lot more coverage). I secured a global insurance plan from Regency they have specifically for Thailand. They sent me the policy and the signed legal document i need to confirm the coverage. No issues at all. t
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