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  1. I am arriving in about 5 days on an OA visa I got before Oct 31.  I'll let you know how it goes at immigration.   To be safe , I got insurance and also got the required certificate signed.   


    On a different note, I keep reading about using an O visa instead of OA.   My understanding was you can only get an O visa is you are visiting family or are married to a Thai.  Can someone clarify this Visa for me



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  2. 35 minutes ago, Sheryl said:


    They are no longer applying this requirement to visas issued before Oct 31 at the airport. Initially did and after a few days of drama and chaos there was a meeting where it was clarified.


    And if they were, with the signed the certificate you would be OK for the first year. Subsequent years might be an issue though.



    Well, I'm hoping that is true.  I'll find out in a week and post here 

  3. 7 minutes ago, UKresonant said:

    Snap, 56 as well, I was looking to the OA as a possible Multi entry until this came along (option no longer viable), as I understand from enquiries some months ago, these Thai insurance policies may not be effective staying under 6 months in Thailand (unless something has changed that I've not found yet).  

    Hope Regency works out ok, I take it you have to e-mail them for this Thailand specific policy?

    I will look for your update...


    I actually never plan on using this policy, as I got it just for satisfying the requirements for the OA visa.   

  4. Sigh.  I've never felt more stressed about coming back to Thailand than I have since this new order.  I am a 56 year old who spends anywhere from 4 to 6 months per year in Thailand for the winter months.  I'm not a fan of border runs, so the OA Visa is the best for that length of time. In addition, I'm hearing if you rack up to many runs, you stand a chance of getting rejected 


    I received my OA visa in mid October, prior to the deadline from my consulate in USA.  While they did not require insurance at that time, I still purchased a policy from Regency designed specifically for this new requirement.  (As a side note, I still get travel insurance). My broker ,who got me the policy, had them fill out the certificate from the website and sign it.  I do not think it has any kind of stamp however, which may pose a problem. Who knows


    I plan on arriving next week, so I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best    when I arrive, I'll post my experience here on a new thread 

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  5. So, I got my OA visa in NYC before October 31 and will be arriving in November.  Even though the law says I did not need insurance since I got the visa prior to the deadline, I purchased a policy outside of Thailand designed to meet the requirements from Regency.  I had the fill out the form for policies outside of Thailand from the website.   Should I anticipate any issues? 

  6. I am based in New York and will be getting my OA long stay visa shortly.  I would like the Visa to start on Nov 15, the day my insurance coverage starts so they are both aligned.    Does anyone know if I can request a visa to start on a particular date?  Someone told me I could do that, but I wanted to get a few opinions.  Again, my insurance begins on the 15th for one year and I want to Visa to mirror that so I don't have issues next year with reentry based on my insurance not covering a "full year"  

  7. I just got the insurance required from a company outside Thailand.  They signed the required certificate as well.  Details below:


    I stay in Thailand for six months every year and spend the other six months in the US.  I always get an OA visa because I truly don't like doing visa runs, (ME tourist visa I would still need a visa run and also I would need to be employed or a student).  You can make an OA Visa last two years if you return to Thailand prior to the Visa expiring.  This year, I needed a new OA Visa.  The confusing part to me was I can get my visa prior to Oct 31, but I will be arriving the end of November.  There have been multiple opinions on whether I would need the insurance since it comes into effect after the 31st, but arriving after that.  Not wanting to take the chance on being rejected when I arrive in Thailand, I decided to secure the insurance (I usually got Travel Insurance, which frankly had a lot more coverage).  I secured a global insurance plan from Regency they have specifically for Thailand.  They sent me the policy and the signed legal document i need to confirm the coverage.  No issues at all.  


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  8. Travel insurance on OA Visa


    So I come to Thailand for six month every year.  I get an OA Visa so I don't have to do border runs.   I always get travel insurance when I go to Thailand.  I'm curious if that would satisfy the requirement for health insurance.  It more than covers the minimum requirements.   Honestly, I don't think it would but want to hear from you.  The reason I don't think it would is that , immigration doesn't care if I'm here for only six months on an OA visa, they want insurance that a person living here would have, incase I get cancer for example.  Travel insurance  would not cover that.  I would of course fly home if I ever had that,so my travel insurance is for anything else from accident to heart attacks abroad     Thoughts?


  9. I have a non oa multi entry visa (retirement)  and will be arriving the end of October.  I plan on moving about the country frequently.  1 month in Bangkok, 3 weeks in Chiang ma I, 1 month pattaya, hua hin etc.   Since my address will keep changing based on where I stay, how do I handle the 90 day reporting.  Does immigration use the current address at the 90 day point?  Thanks

  10. My understanding is if you get a notarized affadavit from your embassy about available funds, you can just use that instead of having the money in a thai bank acct. I know it must be signed off on by the thai consulate as well..ubonjoe will havebthe details. P.s. there def needs to be some formal recognition dor ubonjoes help re Visas. Its really invaluable, so thank you

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  11. Non oa long stay vs non oa retirement
    If the title is correct this is not about extensions.  The O-A visa is called "Long Stay" and one of the conditions for issue is for retirement - another is for long stays even if not retired but meeting the same financial/age requirements.  It is the same visa regardless of the reason issued and the same paperwork is required (but it is listed separately on the New York Thai Consulate web site).

    Exactly...so i wanted to know which is better for someone living in thailand for 6 or 7 mos a year

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