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  1. Absolute rubbish There's lots of tourists waiting to come. If fact hotels in Tanzania are full of russians. No masks ppl dance and drinks. My mate went there I saw hotel videos. No one died too. Clubs on Miami Beach full. Mexico tourist places are full and clubs to the point u won't get in. Many my friends want to come TH but they won't with quarantine. Watch some travel yt channels and u can see for urself simple as that. And yes numbers be lower then usual but ppl still go holidays.
  2. It was extension of previous NON O But for sure I remember when I extended after that they extended amnesty couple times more. There were talks that ppl who extended visas thiers will count from when extension finishes. But guess that's no more and were just talks, Just wanted to make sure how that works.
  3. The point is if u got cert from clinic for gpo oils cops can't arrest u legally. They can intimidate ppl but if u simply show cert call clinic pass the phone threaten with lawyers good luck. No law broken, i wouldn't fork out but again with legit cert not some fishy illegal oils fake clinics stuff. GPO oil serial no. is linked with ur passport and ur in database. U can't resell it etc.
  4. GPS tracking bracelet was a governments scam where they paid miliooooooooons for an tracking bracelet right. Then when they presented it internet quickly exposed scam. They got chinese <deleted> from aliexpress and put logo on it. Here it is Comarch company https://www.gov.pl/web/diplomacy/quarantine-warden-by-comarch?fbclid=IwAR2iZW8518MVhZEuIKNWMpbCWbyCgkDFP3tF-cBBcNVwhAeaB11LuLspikU Same thing without Comarch logo is 15$ retail on Alibaba. For example in EU like Poland paid 38mil PLN for it, never used it. Do ur math. Same sc
  5. Hi. Got NON O year extension done 13 aug 2020 Then they did amnesty few more times, I was told it will count from last amnesty or something, but nothing specific. There's 12 jul 2021 stamp on it. I should go as normal? And most importantly do I get extra time due covid amnesties? Thx in advance.
  6. Do you know that WHO changed definition of herd immunity? Do you even know herd immunity definition before covid and after?
  7. Ok I give u that. But this https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-covid-allergic-reaction-vaccine-expected-20201224-tqjifrcpx5bevnq7cqvfeotpye-story.html
  8. It's that effective that dr Gates were saying u might need third dose. It will end up they will inject u periodically. Screenshoot this.
  9. It's on BBC must be truth. There's no data at all This is worldwide trial. An experiment never done before. So far there's data olds dying from jabs and many injured as per their own database above.
  10. Some of guys are terrified of a common cold, it's beyond me. And yes corona viruses couse non lethal common cold and vaccines are not needed per 1975 virology book.
  11. It's reported complications related to jab. What person experienced.
  12. Whole science around covid was reinvented. It always used to be u vaccinated u not get sick so u don't spread it. Now it's u vaccinated u still can get sick and spread it lol.
  13. I'm woke. It's different this time. It's all based on 4 lies lockdowns pcr tests masks and rushed vaccines. There's peer reviewed studies for that. dr Astrid Stuckelberger she was with WHO and UN she exposes it all. Do some digging. Trials incoming.
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