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  1. Isn't it housemaster or hotel duty to report? Not foreigner at all. As well didnt they said couple months ago there's no single overstayer in TH now.
  2. If he was eating rice for 7 days he wasn't starving really. Rice is good source of what u need isn't it.
  3. 20 American pitbull the real one is skinny and athletic. They not aggressive toward ppl, but can put on a fight with other dogs. The massive one that's mix bullies offten aggressive with humans. Got American pit here and old grandma my gf and. 3.years old no prob. Got it from puppie. I don't let strangers come near him at house for safety tho.
  4. Why did he took it to police is only mystery here
  5. Its not visa on arrival. U visa exempt don't need any visas. Its strange cuz its dont looks like op was doing in out many times...
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