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  1. Hi there, I'm staying in for 18 months with only visas on arrival+extensions doing visa run away every two months. I'm financial analyst and manage for my own saving. Since I don't any commercial activities in Thailand and that I'm 40 years old the touristic visa fit my particular situation. I knew that I could apply for elite visa but I'm not sure that i will stay 5 years in this country. Last week, I did a visa runaway to Penang in Malaysia and when I came back via DMK the immigration officer told me that "you have too many touristic visas you should come back with at least non immigrant B visa" . I've tried to explain that I didn't work in Thailand but it seems that they didn't understand or didn't want to understand that I was living on my saving. They also asked me "show me pocket money": hopefully I had 600 euros and 4000THB cash on me and I also showed them my Thai bank card (by the way they have noted my bank account numbers.. ? On the paper titled "Notification to control Prohibited Person" they have written in Thai denied because "he doesn't have money" . Which is not true since I showed them that i had cash with me Then I've spent 18 hours in deportation room with 20 gentlemen. The next day I was escorted by two agents to the back of the plane. When we landed in Penang the staff took me to the Malaysian border where they gave me back my passport. Surprisingly, the Malaysian immigration was quite friendship and they told me "we are sorry but it happens every days since a few months". In Penang I've applied for tourist visa that I received the next with the mention written in red: 1. "EMPLOYMENT PROHIBITED" 2. "The holder of this passport travels to Thailand under a tourist visa several times which may result in refusal of visa in the future" Now with those remarks I don't want to take the risk to be denied a second time... this experience was both annoying and humiliating. I understand that I've used too many visa on arrival but I think they could warn me before to arrive that point. Now what would be the solution for me to recover safely all my belonging, my car and pay my bills in Bangkok? 1. Should I order a new passport? Would it show up in their system that I was denied? 2. Or should I try to use my current visa tourist going through a land border? Thank you for your help Cheers Fred
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