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  1. Hi all, I was searching for a local venue to watch the Academy Awards here in CM (and thanks to the member who sent a venue suggestion), but I also found a nice, free online workaround for anyone who has a VPN. It turns out that 9NOW, a free streaming service providing broadcast Australian TV, will be screening the Oscars live (for us that is 8AM this Monday). To watch the Oscars on your computer, just follow these steps. 1. Choose an Australian server portal from your VPN provider, and sign in with that (I chose Melbourne). 2. Go to the Australian 9NOW website, and create an account. You’ll need an Australian post code (I used 3006 for Melbourne), but no other address. 3. Once signed into 9NOW, you’ll be able to live stream the Oscars (as well as many other offerings) on your computer or mobile device. Pretty slick, huh?
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