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  1. Boycie, Good idea to set our comrades on a scavenger hunt for the elusive doorway! But taking second look at my fancied Google image, it lacks a certain symmetry I need. So my quest continues. But beyond the search for the perfect door.... We’re all ultimately here on TV to unselfishly support, uplift, inspire and inform our fellow expats, yes? Nah, you’re right: It’s the free lunches... That and our daily doses of snipe and snark...! (Not including you, Boycie, or anyone on this thread - yet! You’ve each been love
  2. RichCor, I did indeed do the Google image search last night, and there was one photo that truly caught my eye... But there was no location info to be had. Boo! But thank you for your input, R.C.. Much appreciated. I know my perfect doors exist in more than one location, so “townies:” please keep your eyes peeled! Lunch is on me for the winning entry!
  3. Julie, Thanks for the tip! I’ll check them out (although I am looking for doors that actually open - and I should have mentioned that!)
  4. Hello all, I’m looking to shoot a short video intro that features a backdrop of massive, carved/gilded/bejeweled or otherwise stunning double doors. The perfect doors will reflect classic Thai or Lanna architecture, and do not need to be ancient. In fact, I’m shying away from temples and sacred sites, and instead envisioning something adorning a local hotel, resort or public space. Old or new, I’m looking for a rich, opulent, probably colorful entrance.. Can anyone recall seeing the “perfect Chiang Mai doors “ around town? If so, please share!
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