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  1. Looks like everyone's (nearly) favourite uncle as good as has his ass on the big chair. Be prepared, Thailand . . . the road will get much, much rockier, should the paranoid Prayuth get the seat as this dubious poll suggests.
  2. Isn't that what deputy mayors are for? . . . just keeping a watchful eye on security, now that Big Joke's so busy doing this, that and t'other.
  3. How on earth did this self-admittedly non-eloquent apology for mankind ever make it to Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army? Surely, to earn such high rank, you must be able to communicate both with your underlings and the top brass at the Defence Ministry. These failings surely add fuel to suspicions that Prayuth never earned the top rank . . . he was simply bought there, within his nepotistic clan. I do hope that I'm not 'affecting the National Budget' by saying such things about our PM who hasn't the guts to face his opponents in debate. Commander in Chief? . . . commander in belief, more like and, the way he's going, a sure-fire candidate for the Planet's piss-poor PM award.
  4. Oh, you disappointed me, connda. I was sure you were going to say 'every time that Prayuth - the country's caretaker - opens his mouth'. I wonder how much energy he's putting into his diesel engine ban and factory closures spoutings right now. What? . . . three o'clock? . . . he'll still be on hors d'oeuvres.
  5. You're clearly a big fan of his, fruitman, if you think for one minute that Prayuth is capable or even bothered to focus on anything other than his continued PM status. That there may be other brains in the regime capable of putting together a vehicle and factories emissions-reducing operation - yes, an operation, not just the mere Junta-loving plan for mulling - is something we can only hope for.
  6. Yes . . . most of Isan or at least that little 200km bit of Isan, between Udon T and Sak-Nak that I'm familiar with. Admittedly, there's little sugar cane, here, but there are always fires to be seen from rice stubble burning by those stubborn few farmers who refuse to plough the fuel back into the soil. But, this is Thailand, the land where the old farmer simply cannot see stubble as food for the land . . . he's tried tasting it and out comes the trusty flame-thrower.
  7. An interesting observation, Thaiwrath, but hasn't there ALWAYS been burning? But consider this: during the 7yrs from '04 to '11 vehicles per 1,000 people increased from 112 to 172, an increase of 53%. Without digging down further for more recent stats, I'd wager that, during the past 7yrs, the increase has been at least that figure, let's say a per capita figure of 263 vehs. per 1,000 people. I think it is a safe conclusion that, during the 14yrs of your Thai experience, vehicles on Thailand's roads have more than doubled. And vehicles are everywhere, not just out on the sugar fields . . . there's your problem and, instead of inspectors checking the cane for burn-marks, maybe they could set-up roadside checks - at random - of vehicle exhaust emissions.
  8. Somsak is evidently reading his favourite joke book . . . for the past 3 months there's hardly been a cloud in the sky at Khon Kaen or the broader Isan region. Oh-oh, I tell a lie . . . now I've drawn back the curtains, I see some clouds. Just a pity that the normally accurate computer weather forecast gives for clouds to clear and wall-to-wall sunshine till 5pm. I'd keep those smoky planes on the ground, if I were you, Governor
  9. Yes, OK, guys . . . looks like you want to make a farce of this thread before it's even started, as unimportant as the subject may be to the wider world, beyond the woman's family. How much better it would have been, had the DSI been reported sending a DNA sample for the cop-killing Red Bull heir. Now, there's a killer that is more than merely well-known. Now then, mickymouse1 & hansnl, is there anything of substance that you'd like to get off your chests, rather than the game of I know sommat that you don't that nobody wants or needs.
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