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  1. The local Home Pro had plenty yesterday. The cheap ones were 99 B for 10 pack and they had lots of different better quality masks also.
  2. What point are you trying to make? Liddelljohn started this post saying he was told he had coronavirus and almost everyone ( including me) thought that wasn't possible since he was sent home. It turns out that the US is sending home people who have tested positive for coronavirus and telling them to self isolate. I am curious if if this is standard protocol in other countries. Seems like this decision has the potential to seriously backfire.
  3. Did you not read the article? Some reported to health authorities within days of returning from Wuhan.
  4. More amazing stuff here: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/27/health/coronavirus-in-the-us-what-we-know-trnd/index.html While the article is 6 days old, it lists 7 people that are confirmed coronovirus cases that are self isolating at home in the US. I read that somewhere around 75-80% of infected people only have mild symptoms so maybe the view is to keep hospital beds free for the serious cases. But human nature being what it is, there will be people who won't be conscientious about maintaining self isolation.
  5. New And Rapidly Build Hospital in Wuhan Falling Apart ...... Now Not Usable https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/breaking-news-china-s-new-and-rapidly-build-hospital-in-wuhan-falling-apart-due-to-winds-and-snow,-patients-moved-and-building-now-not-usable
  6. Thanks for this info! What is "not too greedy"? 4 bottles, 6 bottles? Wine or hard liquor? How much do you pay for amounts over the permitted 1 liter?
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