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  1. Previously I have bought Samsung products and found them to have been good value for the money, however over the last couple of years they seem to have turned into practically garbage. They seem to be designed to fail just outside their warranty period and then if you try to get service they do not want to know. I currently have 2 Samsung 32" flat screen TV's that both have problems just outside their warranty, remote does not work, black lines on the screen, not worth repairing. (I have a third that died a while back and is in the garden as a target practice piece) Hell, I have an old S
  2. What would you do? Been here for over 15 years, I have a 19 year old boy that needs a bit of support, he has a job and in general takes care of himself, needs a motorbike for work, I keep him fed as Thai wages are not fantastic, don't ask for board and lodging, after all he is my responsibility. However, and here comes the reason for the post - My Thai wife for whatever reason (has a <deleted> son from previous sex) who is now 40 or older, he is married / living with a Thai lady of similar age, 40+ Recently, they seem to think it is a good idea to come to our
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