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  1. Sorry, but you lost me there. Sentences work better for me.
  2. I just had an e mail from a contact that deals with these matters from a Health Organization and this is the correct place.
  3. That is what I found on Google from RuMak's description and was hoping it was the right place, will have to check it out thanks!
  4. Many thanks for your help! You don't happen to know anywhere local that can cut off my idiot sons balls while I am here do you?
  5. Yes that could be the place! It is for pregnancies.
  6. It is a young ladies "clinic" sort of place, I doubt it will be advertised. Someone would probably have to be local to know anything about it. It might be known for "Family Planning"
  7. Wonder if any one knows of this place, I do not know how it is written in Thai so I have no chance. Apparently it is somewhere around the MaCormack hospital. It is something like "Mun Lathie Somdet Yaa" It is named after the Thai Queen. If anyone knows where it is located I would be very grateful thanls!
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