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  1. It is just like a huge snowball of shit, it just gets bigger and messier the more it goes on.
  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. Why would she have a 170K Rolex in her bag and not on her wrist - Do most people carry that sort of thing around in a handbag? This all stinks of some sort of PR Stunt by the radio station at best, and a fast one pulled by the idiots at TAT at the worst. Complete and utter fabricated incident and story.
  3. Just remember, Love Thy Neighbour.
  4. Formaleins

    Bike Repair/Service You Can Trust?

    Cheers for the directions. I passed by that place a thousand times and I would never have guessed it was there.
  5. Formaleins

    Bike Repair/Service You Can Trust?

    Hello again, do you know if this guy Nung is still working on bikes? I have tried his phone it goes straight to messaging, tried his Line ID and that gets nothing, just wondered if the guy hasd disappeared or something? maybe he doesn't want to be found eh?
  6. This was mentioned at the same time as the boys were being rescued - anyone thinking this is crazy is ignorant! Those kids were doped up and immobilized to prevent them panicking and ending up either dying themselves or killing the diver that was bringing them out - Seriously, can you imagine the panic if they were dragged fully conscious through those tunnels of water? It was by fat the smartest and safest way to get them out. Besides, the proof is in the pudding isn't it? They are out and alive which is what counts.
  7. Just stop gawping, then it is easy to picture some of them beating a few four year olds with a stick to within an inch of their lives for not listening
  8. Jesus, they couldn't have buried this forum much further down the list in the maze of odd ball topics could they? OK, let me explain and maybe there is someone out there who knows what where when etc. I am looking for a trustworthy bike mechanic who can do a good job checking over my Honda CBR 250R Abs - It needs the valve and valve shims checking and it also would be nice to get someone who is familiar with this bike to give the motor a once over while doing the valves to see if they can work out where this damn rattle is coming from. I have had the bike serviced at Niyom Panich before, and they replaced the Cam Chain Tensioner, but made no difference. The head mechanic there however is nothing to write home about, nor is he the sharpest knife in the drawer. After checking the valves last time, they managed to pinch the fuelt tank breather/drain hose completely blocking it. I was lucky to notice it after washing the bike as the water around the inside of the filler was about 1cm from running into my fuel. So, not wanting to chance these people again after having to fix the fuel pipe myself I wanted to try and find a decent mechanic to check everything over. Now a few years back there was a guy in Chiang Mai called PIKEY - (I think his name is Geoff - but not sure) He worked in a repair shop off the moat with a miserable old German git. Does anyone know if Pikey is still around and fixing bikes? If anyone has any contact info I would be extremely grateful as these guys did a pretty good job on my old XLR. If they aren't still fiddling with bikes, if anyone knows of a decent mechanic in the Chiang Mai area, (not bothered if they are Thai Brit or Martian or whatever, as long as they do a good job) If you can post me their details I will buy you a pint one day if they fix this damn rattle at 5000 RPM! Cheers.
  9. In my last post regarding how bad things come along in threes, well maybe today I may have had a bit of luck! Was at Global House going to by another 3180 Baht container of Chaindrite to try to stop these damn termites when a rather well informed (rather unusual) member of staff cam up and asked why I was buying it. When I told him the problems we were having with the termites he pointed out this product by Beger / Bayer. He was being helpful as he could have let me buy the 3180 Baht Chaindrite, but he said this stuff was better and it was 1600 Baht. Apparently you mix the 250mL. of chemical into 100 Litres of water then treat the soil / house. He said the termites eat it or spread it and it then gets back to the nest and kills them all, hopefully with a really slow painful terrible death. My Thai is not too good at understanding this stuff and my wife is useless, so if anyone has any experience of using this please feel free to chirp up and give me your two Bob's worth. My intention is to get masked up and spray all of the inside of our loft, gypsum etc. with lashings of this stuff so that if it doesn't poison the b@stards it might just drown them. Take a look at the pictures and the product sheet, let me know if you have used it with or without success. Thanks! http://www.beger.co.th/ecatalog/show2/229