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  1. Exactly, something is wrong with his bike. Going to lower octane will cause the problem of pinking, going higher octane is just wasting money but will not cause engine problems. There used to be a 91 Benzine, red pump but you do not see many these days. Maybe his bike needs Leaded gas? But that would make it a dinosaur.
  2. Obviously one of the local blenders, no safety switch whatsoever. The one we have, no name brand will operate without a lid without a cover and even without the entire jug or mill. However, even without all of these added little safety features, it would require someone mentally impaired to put their hand into a liquidiser.
  3. I have just had the "pleasure" of driving from Chiang Mai up to Chiang Rai and back twice in two days. There are a couple of sections with some horrific roadworks (Route 118) - You would not believe the impatience displayed on these section, blind overtaking, three vehicles abreast fighting to get passed each other, I have seen nothing like it before. It was a shit fest, talk about stress, then into the bargain you have the average Thai driver, the one who can do 120kmh on a straight piece of road but has to slow down to 40kmh every time he hits a bend or an oncoming vehicle appears. They really are complete <deleted> on the roads, it amazes me that the entire route is not strewn with dead bodies and wrecked cars. Hats off to the Kamikaze coach drivers going up that route and trying to keep to a schedule, it is like something out of Death Race 2000 - If you are too young to remember that movie, go look it up! I did feel sorry for a few of the foreign tourists heading either up or down that route on their hired scooters, merrily plodding along, totally unaware as to the gates of hell they were about to enter, some were getting an unplanned shower from some of these water trucks that were chugging along up and down turning dust into slippery mud on very steep gradients, not something I would like to try going two up on a Honda Wave with flat balding tyres and absolutely no experience of driving a motorcycle in my life. The photo is a quiet section where I was able to use the camera and drive at the same time, I can do weddings, funerals and other photo shoots for the right price!
  4. It seems that their religion is so loved and deeply ingrained into their hearts and minds that it requires enforcement by their police force in order for it to be maintained. Very sad really
  5. Never mind, rather than get a headache over disk space, far better watch Natalie Avalon....simply perfect! Looks like Two Titabytes to me!
  6. No it doesn't! You can clearly see that there are two 4TB disks that Windows recognizes in a friendly manner. It is a question about capacity discrepancy, nothing to do with that old chestnut.
  7. Thanks, I will spend a bit of time looking over these, I thought it was a simple question, I ended up with answers from Win 98 about 2 TB disk recognition, probably get warnings about Y2K soon!
  8. You lost me! I have a 250GB NVME drive as Drive C with the OS on it - Samsung 970, Drive D is a 2TB HDD, drive E is a 4TB HDD, Drive F is a 500GB Intel SSD and Drive H is another WD 4TB HDD with Drive G being another 250GB NVME. I has nothing to do with partitions or other drives, it is a question about where the missing space is on the D Drive, that's all.
  9. Wonder if anyone can shed a bit of light on what might be the reason behind this anomaly? I have a WD Black 2.0TB internal 3.5" HDD, setup as my D Drive. On this drive I have all of my OneDrive files (Physically) and I have a dynamic link to a video folder on my 4 TB "E" Drive. When I look at my D drive in Windows using file explorer, it shows 875 GB out of 2 TB as being used. When I go into the D Drive again using file explorer and right click on the folders in the drive, they add up to about 370GB. All system and hidden files are showing and the OneDrive folder is only 267GB, then the actual video files that are linked from the E Drive are another 108GB which seems about right giving a total of around 370GB. So where is the rest of the space being used? Almost 500GB difference is shown. I have checked all of the other folders on there and they are negligible in size. I then checked again using the Disk Management admin tools and it too reports 875GB used. The drive is a basic GPT drive, no splitting of partitions, just one big 2TB drive with one drive letter so I cannot understand where the 500GB is being used. Any ideas? Cheers. These are the "Properties" of each folder on the D Drive - Apologies for the way the screenshots have appeared, but that is the way they uploaded. The 6 snapshots of the properties are a capture of every directory in the D Drive, hopefully this makes some sense.
  10. Did I read this correctly? The bloke is threatening people with a machete in the street and the cops cannot arrest him or do not know how to arrest him? Could someone tell them what those things they carry on their belts are that are in a holster! Just shoot the idiot.
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