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  1. Have you also noticed his posture in one of the videos ? It was like he froze and kept the same posture for several seconds. Couldn't help laughing to myself there.
  2. So, if we accept that this poll reflects reality to a large extent, we will have to also accept that the US will be an even more divided country in the future. Near future, at least.
  3. What a great match it was, man ! I was rooting for Federer but I felt like standing up and applauding, in my living room, the moment Djokovic won the match. Saving 2 match points on Federer's serve, and winning a match, where, from the beginning to the end, maybe 90 percent of the crowd was clearly and loudly cheering for Federer ! Wow ! His interesting, sarcastic smile towards the crowd at the end was epic Having said all that, I really want Federer to win at least one more Grand Slam till he retires. It won't be easy
  4. Before the last general election, I had actually thought that there is still a decent chance that Thaksin would continue to play a major role in Thai politics for a long time, despite possibly having to reside overseas for many more years. But, the election results surprised me (in a positive way because I am no fan of Thaksin; hehe). Not only did PTP get a lot fewer votes than was expected but also the new party (FFP) achieved quite a success. If FFP's rise continues (which is very likely), it is likely that Thaksin's voter base will diminish further. I am guessing that we are looking at the future where there will be 2 major camps_pro-military/pro-elite Phalang Pracharat Party and the anti-military/anti-elite FFP. Thaksin's party (or parties or ex-parties, whatever) and Democrats will stay quite behind. Just a guess, which could prove out to be very wrong of course
  5. If BoJo had expressed his clear support for him, would he have quit ?! Probably not.
  6. Obviously, we should respect those rules. But, honestly, I don't see anything wrong with wearing shorts (for either gender), unless they are ULTRA SHORT (even those are fine with me but I can understand the Immigration people not being happy about them). Dirty clothes and foul smell, for instance, should definitely be NO-NO's, but I don't see any problem with shorts or even flip flops. I mean, it's not a job interview or anything like that. Most of us go to that office to extend our holiday stay.
  7. Hmmmm. Why now ? I wonder if the reason is Israel Folau. Maybe Morrison wants to express his support for that bigot in such an (indirect) way. I hope this is not the case.
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