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  1. Turkey's (and its proxies) attack and capture of Afrin should have been seen as a warning sign, and should have been a call to action against Erdogan ; and, sanctions (real tough ones) by the West (not just by US) should have happened right then. If that had happened, the chances of this new attack happening would have been very slim. But, the international community sadly just accepted the Afrin situation !
  2. This 'mental illness' factor can be a true one; but there is ample reason to believe that it probably isn't. I mean, for example in the 1990's and 2000's, there were hardly any mentally ill people stabbing several people at malls, or running over people via vehicles. But since the Islamist wave of lone-wolf terror attacks started, suddenly, mentally ill people (of various degrees of Islamism) started committing such attacks ???Sorry, I don't buy it. This is also true for Neo-Nazi, nativist, etc. terror acts, some of which were tied to the mental illness factor (albeit at much less number than that of Islamist terror acts)
  3. Yes, these are very troubling times indeed. For so many reasons. Turkey, especially since around 2014, in many ways resembles Germany of the 1930's !!! Where was EU's and US's reaction, even for example 1-2 years ago, when it was obvious that Erdogan wouldn't order the release of dozens of political prisoners within Turkey (and, I am sure there are no naive forum members here who think Erdogan doesn't control the judiciary in Turkey to a large degree) ? And, how about during the invasion of Afrin, and then when it was obvious that Erdogan's forces and the semi-jihadi proxies would likely be there long-term or even permanently ? All the EU and the US did was to 'express concern', or impose laughable, minor financial aid cuts. Weapons have continued to be sold to Erdogan. All sorts of business deals have been made. Even if some sanctions are imposed now, it is likely that even now they will be minor ones. Dozens of civilians have been killed now in Rojava, and the chances are 99 percent that dozens more will be killed soon. And, all the secularist and democratic gains made there will go down the drain. As for the revival of the IS (either under that name or a new one) is sadly likely in the near future. Even if this doesn't happen, it is very likely that several other jihadi and/or semi-jihadi groups will emerge and commit atrocious crimes. Very sad times. As for Trump, of course, he also has blood in his hands. I am repeating: Erdogan's reign, in many ways, resembles very much the early or mid-period reign of Hitler. Of course when I am saying this, I am not making light of Hitler's crimes, which were a lot worse. But, really, there is ample reason to believe that Erdogan is capable of terrible crimes, albeit at less scale than that of Hitler.
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