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  1. They are third world people. Westerners chose this place decades ago and make it develop but the government is still that of a third world country with third world education. What do you expect. Have you ever tried to learn a bit of Thai language? They don't have even most words to describe things.
  2. If I had to buy a mid range car I would spend just a little bit more and buy a CHR Hybrid. When you turn it off and makes that "hiss" sound would make me feel like Marty McFly every time I go to the supermarket.
  3. In their underdeveloped heads this is the scenario: - millionaire comes with airplane - millionaire mates with Thai women (many, since millionaires are covid immune PLUS they have more powerful semen) - in few years a new wealthy society of rich Thai newborn is created. Thailand has become the new MonteCarlo. Streets are now useless since just heliports and airports are needed. The times of the dirty poor farang are long gone! Finally this is what Thailand truly deserves!
  4. I'm not speaking about stalls. I'm speaking about Central inside Tops Market. Of course stalls sushi look disgusting and dangerous.
  5. I might be wrong but there is no 9 month visa ED. the visa is 3 months and can be extended every 3 months at immigration. The fee for extension is 1900 each but with the needed bribes it will be like 5000 each extension..
  6. Today I've been stopped by police for loud exhaust. I have cbr650 and they took me to police station and wanted that I changed immediately the exhaust or they would seize the bike. After long discussion and my promise that I would go to a mechanic and after showing them that I own also the original exhaust they let me just pay the fine (500baht) and go. Crazy, first time in 5 years. before today, they stopped me countless times without any kind of problems with the 2 bikes I owned, both with race exhaust.
  7. From what I've read (again, I'm no expert) the raw fish used for sashimi has to undergo a process of freeze at low temperatures otherwise it's not suitable to be eaten as it is? I've always wanted to try but kinda scared so I always end up preparing rolls with smoked salmon .
  8. I tried at least 3 times buying sushi (the one in transparent box) at Central and all 3 times the fish had a smell that was a mix of sewage and my garbage with rotten eggs in it after 1 week. Lately I've been at a sushi place, Thai owned but not one of those poorly made. A real restaurant with 5 stars reviews. The salmon smelled the same. I told the waiter that the fish is not good and they said they could use the flame on it LOL. I said, ok well go on!!! I'm not an expert in fish but I really doubt that Central is selling rotten fish. Is the garbage smell depending on the plastic container, humidity and so on? Or it is actually rotten?
  9. Interesting...but I could not find it? The latest tweet today of US embassy in BKK is about satellites and previous one about LGBT in foreign affairs "serving with pride". So where exactly did you find this tweet?
  10. Spot on. This is everywhere. Also in my country the pro-lockdown "extremists" are all employed for government or are on welfare/ pension. Not judging, I just say that this is the real human nature: predators, everybody cares only about themselves, no mercy for others' needs.
  11. I guess 99,9% of Thais don't eat the original recipe, never seen anyone ordering it... I doubt it is a supply chain issue due to covid because cargo planes/ships were in operation all the time.
  12. Not going home and sitting my ass in the sun with visa amnesty. Hope they extend it so I can stay a little bit more for free
  13. Ok Sherlock, thanks for enlightening us. Ah...what about those who live here and need to get a non-b or a non-o, for example?
  14. Same exact speeds in Phuket Finn Mobile/DTAC
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