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  1. I think that Assumption is mediocre. It burns through foreign teachers quickly. Assumption II farther outside is a fairly solid school. Having said that I have an amazing student just this year graduated middle school from that Assumption. But she'd give it a middling grade, I've discussed it with her before. I'm no fan of Sarasas but have another star who graduated middle school from Bangbon. She too feels it was meh, but her English skills are formidable. I'd move tighter into the city, on the BTS line. 1. Mater Dei $$ 2. Wattana Wittayalai $$ 3. Amnuay Silpa $$ 4. Sacred Heart Klong Toei 4. St Joe's Convent Mater Dei is a safe environment and will give her connections as will WWA. MD second best girl's school in Thailand. I think WWA she has to board m-f though.
  2. After nearly ten years, when I fall asleep with the lights on, my wife turns the light off, puts a light sheet over me if she's planning on running ac all night and kisses me good night.
  3. While I have no need, I've no question my wife would do this for me. In fact, I make her pay a lot of her personal expenses. I do so that there is absolutely no question I'll make it to 62 with a pile of dosh. Just because my wife can, her salary is very limited and it doesn't mean she should. I work with someone who's wife would not even put his phone in her name. Yeah, the guy is an <deleted> but that's pretty low bar for marriage. Fail.
  4. Thanks for your response. The documents will expire prior to new contract date so nothing needs to be cancelled afaik as I'll visit MoL prior to expiration I think I might be asked for old contract or maybe date in WP book enough. Looking for a list of documents so as to be proactive with new employer. Not their first rodeo but want to get this thing done over asap.
  5. Could anyone tell me with specificity which documents are required by the MoL to process a work permit? I have a 5yr teaching license and non-o extension. Photocopies of last year's taxes now as well, correct? If the WP will lapse. I believe it should be turned in although there is no paperwork to close it if I were moving to another school. Originals Photocopies
  6. I've done some reading on PR and I think i could pull it off save for the language drills. Is it absolutely necessary to be relatively conversational, to be able to make a full and complete statement in Thai? Have a chat? I've been teaching the last five years and my Thai language skills have evaporated. I think I could put together a nice package including being employed at some of very notable public schools as well as assisting Thai students obtain foreign scholarships in tens of millions of THB. Married, stable. Meet 3 years work, salary requirements. Is it true the costs are 2-300k?? Thank you
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