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  1. M4? This is criminal. Force them to tie it back in one style if you must. Send them home for a haircut. Cutting their hair in public. I'm certain that was a big win for admistrators and teachers alike. Looking how poorly education is going I'd really have to ask if they don't have something better to do with their time?
  2. I don't care about the 90 day report. Done online it's ten minutes at worst. Leave the country, it's 1-2 a year. All the ridiculous bloody paperwork. Can't they...? Determine who has consistently submitted proper documentation over 5 years and give them 3-5 year extension jeezus?! 10 year visa or PR for those married and have have submitted consistent paperwork. Supporting Thai wife. Submit KR2 annually online. Penality for fraud, one year jail at your expense and deportation. Retirement. Five year visas for 800k. Ten year visas for 1.5m. submit proof online. Because this lot will be older and can't suffer prison. 2m baht fine for fraud, deportation. Only offer this to typical EU and Oceanic countries.
  3. Today, with too much time on my hands at CW Immigration I pondered: Why is it called Immigration when no one is effectively allowed to immigrate? I'll show myself out, thank you and good night.
  4. Just thought I would forewarn married people living in Bangkok. A new (to me) procedure to get your final extension stamp for the year: Get your ticket L8/#41 Have: Bank book updated to the day** Photocopy of above** 90 day, TM card Receipt of payment I was just fortunate to have brought the book. Update, copy just more hassle. This process takes far, far too long and always has. They've had a month to check you out. At this point it should just be stamping the ppt and sending you on your way.