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  1. 1979 yes, far more advanced techniques. Vietnam prolly 1960s East German training. Yes in Thailand they will do it using a scope if you go to the right place. Otherwise it's just wish and prayer they have all the infection and bad pulp out.
  2. Move. Be wiser next time about your distance from big roads. I'd recommend 400m straight back from the main road, quiet dead end soi. Preferably your own the backside of the building as well and at least five floors up.
  3. I have either worked at, had offers from, been shortlisted or know HoD from all those schools save for Harrow (which I have no interest in working and is intl British curriculum school). The earliest those jobs, offers, discussions were made was when I was 54. In fact, I've worked at or working at equal and better. The age thing is a total myth although some schools may not hire you past 60, many will keep you on. It's your appearance, energy, motivation, professionslism. I've never had problems landing great schools in Bangkok.
  4. I'm totally lost. If that's how you explained your problem to the dentist I'm sure everything can go wrong. What's the problem? They did an x-ray and you're complaining about it OR did the opposite side? Was a a well known hospital? LARGE well known clinic? As was stated just bc a tooth hurts does not necessarily mean that tooth has the issue. I had a very expensive root canal done here at the old Dental Clinic. The woman who did it was a bit of a bit** but good work. Root canals are nothing to cheap out on. Just go to Vietnam...I'm sure they're having a big sale on dental procedures of late 19th century. Great dentists here, but you have to pay for them. It's about 30% less than states.
  5. Most EFL teachers would drown in an international school environment but that's not what's really being discussed here. They lack the professional knowledge and the ambition. Quite happy to run some games and head home. But there are public schools that will work you hard. You can do it, learn and move on and up or stay and do a half job. The K12 private schools are more demanding as well as the university Demonstration schools. Being a real teacher is very demanding. Many Thai teachers might have been okay teachers in their day, but they are old and tired. We as westerners have no idea how backward this country was educationally 40 years ago. This legacy remains but back then completing HS was as rare as completing university 80 years ago in the west. The top 25 HS in the nation are still thought of highly, revered and have alum associations as western universities.
  6. Harrow, was the exception and the job is not traditional teaching position. Oh, WWA is private. The rest are public schools. The rates of pay in public's tend to top out at 42.5k with most paying between 36-42k in/out of Bangkok. There are a few exceptions that pay to 55k but even these are starting to hire NNES and retain substandard teachers rather than pay the going rate. Ofcourse the sad story here is these are the best public schools in Thailand. Demonstration schools tend to pay a premium but that might be small. Catholic schools will also pay a premium. You will make far more teaching and you can build a career in Bangkok. The provinces 90% of the teachers are just having a go, collecting a paycheck. The monkeys as you've described. Most foreign teachers lack a work ethic and core knowledge of their jobs. But they are stellar at complaining how little they make apparently unwilling to chase better jobs elsewhere. That's when they just start to show up around class time and leave immediately thereafter.
  7. Perhaps in the public schools this may be true. I think there are about 2.5 British teachers to every 1 North American. Then you have Oz, New Zealand, Ireland, Scandinavia. International schools are primarily British curriculum and do not hire Americans by and large.
  8. There is currently absolutely no shortage of work. In fact there appear to be some decent jobs posted within the last ten days. Harrow Suankularb Satit Chula Wattana Wittayalai Bangkok Christian Just a few. Plenty of good jobs for GOOD teachers - no matter their ages.
  9. We have lots of Filipinos in our building. Just today my wife told me a woman in the lift didn't think she was Thai because her English was so good. I've known hundreds, thousands of students with good to great English skills. You folks are not around these kids and so haven't got a clue. Go visit Japan, Korea tell me for all their GDP how much better it is there bc it's NOT. I've known dozens of Thai teachers with a C1 CEFR.
  10. A teacher doing 18-22 contact hours does not have time to teach to additionally teach teachers. Nor would I expect schools would pay - but that is teaching as well. Newly hired teachers from God only knows where will have scant ability to teach anyone. Students and teachers alike. It's only the cream of Thai teachers in the best schools that might be interested in learning something from foreigners but with due respect - you need to know something to teach something. Most Thai teachers have taught with their teaching staff for years. No offers made by either parties. Most Thai professional teachers have little respect for foreign staff. They are oblivious shirkers who are paid 28k-40k and it's too much. Old Thai teachers cannot be trained up. They are already dreaming of retirement. Retirement should be based on 25 years of service then OUT. Not to return for $pecial cla$$es. Out. The hugely expensive and quite ridiculous British Council massive teacher training sessions did what? Nothing. Thailand needs to get thousands of students interested in teaching. That's the answer. It's not an easy one. The US and many countries have the same problem. But if you're looking to a TEFL flunkie in Chaing Mai or Brighton to solve this thing, you're gonna have a bad day.
  11. I'm guessing you're fit as a fiddle. BMI of a twenty year old, low cholesterol. Heart like an Ox. That's the kind of thing you eat once a month if you know what is good for you. You're promoting it as health food?
  12. I entirely disagree. Indian food is very hit and miss. In India is pretty disgusting usually. Turkish food? Yeah I'll just step outside for that. If you're living off fish and chips you're gonna die. That's probably worse for you than McDonald's. It took me many years to be ok with rice in the mornings but it's a non issue now. My go to breakfast is noodles. I love noodles
  13. That's one of many reasons I'm Republican. No special rights based on homosexual preferences or the way in which one chooses to dress oneself (no pun intended). Homosexuals have the exact same rights as everyone else as laid down in the US Constitution. They just don't get supra rights. At least that's my hope and my vote.
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