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  1. Comfy, chill cigar bar, cheapish scotch and bourbon, beer. Central BKK? Thx. BYOC
  2. Immediately after the last carnage. Prolly not even cleared the bus wreckage. Minister said waznit? Roads WILL be safer. Amazing Thailand - truly What's that like one road fatality per hour over last day or so?
  3. No doubt and I'd suspect the pay is quite average especially considering the stress, hours and health factors. Dental assistant? Vet assistant? Lab tech? Anything above that sort of stuff you'll need to prolly go to a university with medical school to get hired on in a decent facility. I think jobs have been tough for Thais only getting more difficult just like everywhere in the world.
  4. Absolutely incorrect. I personally know a number of people employed and on work permits. A few others in the past five years. A school might very well inform you of this because they think this to be true, they don't wish to pay additional insurance fees or you've proven to lack the energy or students find your lessons less than inspiring. I've known two teachers let go post 60 years. One I was surprised as he was one of the best teachers we had. Let go due to age, reached 62. It's not unusual they will keep you on until say 65. Some say it's difficult to get hired after 60. I'd not dispute this but also thing there's work for those that want it. I doubt I'd have any problem finding a 40k a month teaching job in Bangkok at 62 personally. Seriously doubt I'd ever work for that money, but think it quite possible.
  5. I was taken by a hospital to an ATM machine quite literally. If I said I couldn't pay no idea how that would have ended.
  6. Wow. I stand corrected - 80k. I did look at the threads but they were often tangled with posts about other visas. I'm also on a standard O and admittedly not all that interested.
  7. Not a popular visa with good reason anyway. I imagine with this news there will be 10-15 unhappy people tonight.
  8. Just keep her clear of shonky private schools, especially business schools. Rajabhats a great idea. If she can get tutoring and qualify for medical it's a hands on field that won't die quickly with automation. Reasonably well paid.
  9. Prolly Ramkhamheng as mentioned. Most likely do nothing to assist with your visa. You don't sound like an especially inspired student. It's university, they will bounce you for not showing and failing out.
  10. Well then they should feel perfectly at ease in Oz. *sorry couldn't help myself
  11. Are the pins the same on a laptop disconnecting the HDD and connecting SSD? No adapter? Do the SSD drives have low level formatting? It's not the C drive so uncomplicated. Just what I need yet another 1tb drive laying around. Thx
  12. This is the common wisdom. Thailand won't so much as blink but if tourism does in fact represent 10-15% of the economy you can bet it would be felt if even 50% was lost. Thai officials don't care. At a certain level they shouldn't. Sloppy tourism doesn't trump national security. At another level stupidity like tm30 for retiree and not having some clear path for visitors to spend 3-4 months of the year is folly. It will all be fine until one fell swoop the world economy tanks and a bunch of expats go home. Boom! Then with the baht into the stratosphere the economy goes right in the toilet. Most also don't consider the 800k in the bank. Under fractional reserve banking this can be loaned out at 90% of value. I mention this bc we are just all tourists on temporary stay. Can Thailand suffer a few thousand less Chinese or sex tourists? Sure. Can it lose 50% of it's tourism? 80%? Doubt. Not only that but lots of poor people are inseperably hooked into the industry. People will be angry and demand change.
  13. I grew up in California and was very into cars. Mostly Porsches, VWs and Mustang's. Sunbeam Tiger w Ford 289 was the balls. My teen wetdream. That and the Porsche 914-6. Good I outgrew it all before it killed me.
  14. Great movie. Great cast, he lucked out there with Nicholson and Hopper. He's really one trick pony. Just this flick... Sad life but I find it difficult to shed a tear for famous millionaires dying of lung cancer. Made it to 80. Good on ya bro.
  15. Do you like to eat pie or sausage? I find Jomtien way too homosexual. It's not that it's ever present but the shit that you see sometimes really does my head in. For myself I'd be better off in Hua Hin but I don't like either much honestly. Hua Hin is not especially clean. The beaches are meh. Loads of jellies, brown sea foam and just not a lot of circulation in the water. Color is blah. City is overgrown and ugly. How about Na Klua? No idea if it's a nice place anymore just offering.
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