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  1. Exactly, Im working in a Oil and Gas on a 21 days on and 7 days off shift. And with working about 6 months per year I bank enough overtime to get paid 40 hours per week for the rest of 6 months I am not working. Easy to have a half a year holiday like that. And I couldn’t take this 21 and 7 schedule for more than 6 months straight anyway.
  2. Always been a genuine tourists. Just not a big problem for me to have a 8 months off from work after every couple of years.
  3. Okay, that makes sense. I thought there are e gates for those Thais who are holding e passport and regular gates for regular passport holders, but I guess now with the new fingerprinting thing it's not going to work anymore. How about if Thai is taking a foreign line at the passport control, are they going to allow it?
  4. My age is 34. Im thinking maybe they will let me take a Thai passport Queue since Im travelling with a Thai Citizen. Would really suck if they send me back to Japan when I have my return flight back to Canada two weeks later from BKK. This time Im really a genuine tourist, day after my arrival actually my mother is coming to Thailand for a 2 weeks holiday, we have domestic flights, rental car and hotels booked. Even if immigration at DMK will stop me for questioning and they are willing to listen what I have to say and explain my situation then there shouldn't be a problem but who knows in what kind of mood this officer have who supposed to stamp my passport.
  5. What do you guys think am I going to have any problems entering Thailand this December? My last 3 years history is: 2017 spent about 77 days in a country with with visa 3 exempt entries (not back to back) 2018 spent about 8 months in Thailand with two SETV-s and four visa exempt entries, with a one month trip to Europe between those two tourist visas. 2019 spent 60+30 days in LOS with SETV (Left the country on June 24th) And now December 2019 I plan to enter Thailand at BKK airport for 3 days, leave to Japan for 4-5 days trip with a girlfriend and enter Thailand again for 15 days but this entry would be in DMK airport. How’s that sounds, do you think I will experience any problems with immigration with travel plans like that?
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