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  1. Hi there, I'm hurting enough - please don't put the boot in :-) We got married in Thailand end of 2015. She came back to the UK in 2017 (we had real issues with the immigration due to her terrible history) - she lived here for many years as an overstayer. She has basically acted like a complete and utter mad person - 1 week of complete hatred and aggression, followed by 1 week of complete silence, followed by 1 week of sarcasm, followed by one week of "sort of friendly" - repeat, same again every month. She hit me a few times recently. I mostly just sit there and take it, and have some video / audio recordings of all of these crazy times behavior. I pay everything, of course, bought her car and computers and phone, etc. Also paid for an Open Uni course. We have never had any form of intimacy ... Anyway, it is now too much. She is threatening me to ensure that I do the next 2.5 years application correctly (due in November) - the threat is along the lines of "if you do not do it, or it messes up, then I will just go to the police and tell them you have abused me" Question: what is the best way to deal with this? Of course, since her current spouse visa runs out in November, it's best to do something now ... I have read here how that she is entitled to 50% of everything I have ... even with such a short time of marriage and no contribution and no right to stay if seperated? Any advice greatly appreciated. G :-(
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