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  1. "Available for TC Club Card members only". Fat lot of use then PH
  2. If so, then is as much the fault of those who wrote the laws that allow such "screwing" to occur as it is those taking advantage. PH
  3. Accuracy not your strong point then. Neither, it would seem, is engaging in a proper debate and properly responding to previous lines of discussion. I think I am pretty good at comprehension, but thanks for the observation. PH
  4. The original post said "once and for all", which is not the same as either of your quotes. I recall Salmond saying "once in a generation", but do not recall anyone saying "once in a lifetime". Can you provide some evidence of it being said by anyone of any significance? If the second quote is not, in fact, accurate, I would ask: How long is a generation? Or even a lifetime? The lifetime of a UK Parliament is five years (maximum). So we have had more than one Parliamentary lifetime (which would have to be more than a generation) sicne 2014. But even if
  5. Not hilarious; not even mildly amusing. But look back through recent posts and you will find those who have no real substance to their stance are increasingly reverting to the "pithy" one-liners. Only a couple of steps up from personal insults, then threats...but that is often the way when losing the substantive argument. PH
  6. I think you will find that quite a lot of his country, and a fair number from south of the border, do actually agree with him. PH
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