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  1. Link, please. Otherwise you are just spreading misinformation and lies that do nothing other than stoke up ill feeling and worse. PH
  2. Perhaps they are the same price...but is there any Moderna available to be bought? PH
  3. You will undoubtedly fail to see the xenopohobic anti-Thai rhetoric in your own statement. Unless, of course, you can show some examples of these Thais who are doing this. PH
  4. Surely the priority should be those most at risk, and then on down the ascale....with non-Thais invited to contribute a reasonable sum towards the treatment? PH
  5. I haven't seen any remotely reliable figures being mentioned...where have you seen these ripoff charges? Whle I find it deplorable that Thailand currently sees fit to exclude foreigners from any vaccination programme, I would be entirely content to be charged a reasonable sum for adimistratuin of the vaccine. PH
  6. Email sent to brian.davidson2 @ fcdo.gov.uk (note alllower case). #Received and replied...the more the better PH
  7. I would imagine the Scots, Welsh and N.Irish would (rightly) call the UK Government out for being as racist as you are. PH
  8. Any chance we can talk about the thread title? Anyone with personal experience of moving about in the province today? PH
  9. While the Thai authorities have not covered themselves in glory with a vaccine roll out, perhaps there would be more to go round for less deleveloped countries if some in the West were not making sure they had enough to vaccinate several multiples of their population. PH
  10. Not having a Thai ID Card does not make you a non-resident. If you are here for a couple of weeks, or months, then you are not a resident. If you live here, then you ARE a resident, but cannot (yet) register. Maybe will not be able to, ever, if the Thai authorities requirement for a Thai ID card to register does not change. But that still does not mean you are not a resident. But that is in the future and open to conjecture, roumour and misinformation. As a resident without a Thai ID Card (though whenever I have been asked for "ID" or "passprot" my Thai DL has bee
  11. My policy arrived - by email - this morning PH
  12. Please make sure you report back when (not if) the India figures exceed the French on a per capita basis (Even without and under-reporting of numbers in India just now). PH
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