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  1. I see you argue from a position of relative lack of knowledge on what was discussed, and how deeply or often in the lead up to 2014. Despite many "promises" fromthe SNP, there was no guarantee at all that if Scotland had voted for independence, the Country would have been able to remain, or quickly join, the EU. That was a major part of my own personal reason for voting against independence. It was also a view shared to varying degrees by many others. Some I know, having seen Scotland now leave the EU, have definitely changed their opinion as to which way they would vote. Other
  2. In 2014, I wanted to remain part of the UK and in the EU. Being in both is no longer an option. How hard a concept is that for you to understand? PH
  3. Some of them no doubt think so. But they are currently definitely out, so independence will not make that situation any different (swrose for those who wish to be in the EU). The landscape has changed utterly since 2014. Yet another huge vote by the Scottish electorate for the party that has an independence referendum as its number one manifesto pledge should be respected, in exactly the same way most people respected the outcomes of 2014 and 2016. PH
  4. They did. In 2014, when part of the argument for remaining was to ensure continued membership of the EU. PH
  5. Neitehr Scotland, Engalnd or the UK own the oil. The rights to look for, find, extract and sell all the oil (and gas) have been sold to oil companies. They own the oil. PH
  6. They are? Or are you confusing the "requirement" to show evidence of maintaining 800K foer three months after new extension? If the latter, then it is nothing to do with your 90 day report which may, or may not, be concurrent. In my case, they are separate, but when I read the (Jomtien) paper, it tells me that I have to show evidence at an unspecified date at least three months after approval. Since next year's extension application will be more than this required minimum, I think I will wait until then if I have no other reason to visit Immigration. PH
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