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  1. Since this was a one off, and I have played hundreds of rounds in Thailand, then no, I do not think it is my attitude. But thanks for asking. PH
  2. Indeed...my "standard" is 300. Have often given 250, and occasionally 200. Ocne (Subaprick, or whatever it is called) gave 200 which was over the top. CAddy looked disgusted, and started complaining loudly to her friined about it. Took it back. She was not happy, but became very apologetic once she realised that 200 is better than zero. MAybe she learnt a lesson. But robably not given her attitude all day. If I could have fired her after three holes I would have. PH
  3. Many Countries are going to suffer hugely through Covid, Thailand amongst them. I do wonder, though, just how many - outside the major conurbations - are actually pretty much subsistence farmers who will continue to grow rice and chickens, and catch fish, frogs field rats, ant eggs etc just as they always have done and that the economic effect on them may be less than we realise. Just a thought, not a conclusion. PH
  4. Why do they hate him? Before he stood for office, he was nothing more than a reality TV host and I doubt any significant number of your list (or anyone else) gave a second thought to his views. It is simply and purely from his pronouncements over the past four years that have led to the conclusion of many that he is what he is. Interesting background coming out from his Neice. But I guess all the acolytes will dismiss this as Fake News trying to "cash in" on the association. PH
  5. Not incredible at all when you factor in the colossal amounts of inward investment -mostly from China - building infrastructure - not just the EEC, but heading north and north east from Bangkok too. PH
  6. I agree. Which is why it is doubly distressing that the current incumbent seems hell bent on making them worse rather than doing anyting at all to try and bring prople together. PH
  7. I wish. We would not have had the constant divisive, angry, antagonistic lying BS for the past three years that has done nothing - NOTHING - totry and bring the Country together but has, instead, sought to divide, disrupt set one set against another.. PH
  8. Maybe you should read the quote you used and then try and work out for yourself the dfference between "the right to peacefully protest" that the authorities are (rightly) defending and "idiot angry mobs" that you conflate the statement with. PH
  9. A bit like the Democratic Republic of North Korea. Not sure when we last saw any of the "progressive left" committing Genocide though. PH
  10. I can certainly understand how that would upset him. Undoubtdly would - have - but it WASN'T EVEN HIM that saw it. PH
  11. Only just heard highlights (sic) of Trump's speeches over the weekend. Apparently, pre 1492 there was nothing there. Who knew? But all of the ramble I heard was, most definitely, not a specch by the Presidnet of the United States to all his Countrymen. It was a naked election speech to his base. And some it was breathtaking in its content. Makes me sick that he might even have a sniff of being re-elected. But I truly worry if the result is not an absolute landslide for Biden then there is a growing possiblility that Trump will call anything else (and maybe even that) as false, fake, illegal and refuse to step down. Loathsome man. PH
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