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  1. I also signed up for Kraken recently. I signed up for an intermediate account and put in my US Address so my account is US based. However my US Bank Account won't let me transfer money to Kraken without going into a branch physically. Kind of weird.
  2. This is pathetic. Thailand is so slow to roll out the vaccines and now the 3rd wave is spreading.
  3. GF is not Thai. I'm not selling the car without owners permission. I don't know where anyone is coming up with that. It's my damn car, just in my GF's name. She will happily sign any paperwork that needs signing.
  4. I have a car I'm looking to sell but it's in my gf's name and she is out of the country indefinitely (I had a tourist visa at the time of purchase) anyway to sell it still? Thanks!
  5. Ok Guys, I am living in Thailand. Have a Thai Bank Account. I want to buy bitcoin a.s.a.p. Some years ago I signed up for coins.ph which apparently is the same as coins.th but I never bought anything. Doing some research I heard a lot of bad reviews about coins so I'm hesitant to give them any money. Also tried coinbase but apparently it doesn't serve Thailand. So can someone guide me step by step to buy some damn bitcoin? I really appreciate it.
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