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  1. I know that Thai massage has been part of Thai tradition for a long time. I'm curious then is oil massage something that started relatively recently?
  2. We need to team up and DEMAND the right to medicine (which is basically what this is at this time). Imagine if they made some services at a hospital in America only for certain people?
  3. So I called several hospitals in town including Bangkok, Lanna, and Chiang Mai Ram. Since they are private hospitals they don't yet have the vaccine... but Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai hospital does have the vaccine. Then he said BUT it's only for Thai people. And he further clarified that it's only for Thai people over 60. They will make it hard for non Thais to get the vaccine. <deleted> should be illegal!
  4. The Tragic Struggle of Telling your Friends to Buy Bitcoin (2011-2021) - YouTube
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