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  1. I think it's quite reasonable to suggest the vulnerable self isolate and get all the necessary support, so the rest of the world can get on with saving what's left of the economy. The long term effects of continued lockdowns will cause far more global deaths than Covid ever could. That's not a great legacy for us to leave our future generations.
  2. You continue to flatter yourself. For the 100th time, most Brexiteers don't give a stuff if Brexit causes Scottish independence! I favour the union, but if you think we'd even consider re-joining the EU just to keep Scots Indys happy you must be on the Famous Grouse
  3. Show me proof that the EU is willing to let the UK have a Canada style FTA. Proof means someone significant saying it, like Barnier or Ursula. Barnier said in Feb 2020 that they won't give us a Canada FTA. This was widely reported if you care to do a Google search. If you can't show me any proof I'm not going to waste my time going round in circles with you.
  4. You are wrong. The UK cannot just "do it". Barnier said in February 2020 a Canada style deal is not available. Please check this before you repeat the same inaccurate statement. In 2017 the Canada style deal was available. Now it is not. The goal posts were moved.
  5. And the E.E.C. wasn't a bad idea. It's a shame those running it got greedy for more power. The middle 'E' for Economic was gradually phased out as it morphed into a political organisation.
  6. I imagine most Belgians feel good about the EU. I mean, the EU has really put Belgium on the map. I wonder if you would feel the same if the EU headquarters were in London.
  7. You need to stop bending the truth on the Canada subject. In 2017 the EU said a Canada style deal is on offer (in the so called 'Barnier slides') . In Feb 2020 Barnier told us that a Canada style deal is not available. (The EU are allowed to make u-turns? ) And Barnier didn't say a Canada deal is not available because the UK hasn't given them enough time. He said it's not available because the UK would be too much of a threat as a competitor (paraphrasing).
  8. Being determined is having the willingness to change as needed - agree 100% But if Boris and co are willing to change something on Brexit we get that faux outrage from remainers, screaming "U-turn!".
  9. Can you find me one Brexiteer on here who seeks to deny Northern Irish or Scots the right to vote for independence? I think you'll find we're either not bothered or quite happy for them to leave the union if that's what they want. NI has a mechanism in place already to have a referendum when support for independence justifies it. On Scotland, my view is that they should get their 2nd indy vote as soon as the Scottish people know what post-Brexit Britain looks like. It would be unfair to make them vote while we're still in limbo. But SNP enthusiasts want a referendum now, just in c
  10. All those quotes were taken out of context and/or purposely misinterpreted to fit the remain agenda. They are meaningless wrt his debate. I don't know how many times I and others have explained that Liam Fox quote to remainers. Yet remainers still come running back with it time after time. They're like a dog fetching a stick. They don't know why they're doing it but it makes them feel good.
  11. Why do you keep posting these outdated and out of context memes? We debated those things about 4 years ago
  12. I said it's what the EU are afraid of, I didn't say other states would be better off. I agree sponge states would not leave. And the EU could have made doubly sure of that by making it clear they wouldn't get a good deal.
  13. I understand what you are saying, but I don't think at any point the EU have offered this with a reasonable timescale. If they did then they would be shouting about it now. It would be ideal ammunition for the blame game.
  14. "allow them a fair deal" is just the way the EU would have to pitch it to their subjects. In reality they endangering a standard and mutually beneficial trade deal with their demands for judicial oversight, access to fishing waters etc.
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