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  1. Please stop asking this pointless question that has been dealt with a thousand times on these threads (1st request)
  2. No, why would I? The ECHR has an entirely different structure, impact and purpose. It is no comparison to the EU.
  3. Which Brexiteers have said they want to break the ECHR? Perhaps you just wanted an excuse to play the racist card Fyi, the ECHR secures the following (noting to do with FOM): The right to life Freedom from torture Freedom from slavery The right to liberty The right to a fair trial The right not to be punished for something that wasn’t against the law at the time The right to respect for family and private life Freedom of thought, conscience and religion Freedom of expression Freedom of assembly The right to marry and start a family The right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights The right to protection of property The right to education The right to participate in free elections The abolition of the death penalty
  4. Tell me, if it was Germany that had voted to leave do you think it would be in the best interests of all parties to negotiate a favourable deal for Germany? What about if it was France? Try to think of it without your anti-Brit hat on.
  5. You wanted to discuss what would be good for everyone at this stage. I gave you an answer; a renegotiated deal would be in the best interests of both sides. Germany are not leaving, so there's no need to discuss giving Germany special treatment.
  6. Tomacht8 was talking about what would be good for everyone financially. Good for everyone financially would be a renegotiated deal. What you're doing here is talking about emotions and whataboutery. Two different things.
  7. You could also very easy things to accept a Irish sea border as there is also water (border ) between U.K. oversea territory's example Falklands Gibraltar and other and just see N.I. as a part from U.K. oversea territory…. but no must be stubborn red lining …. so you meet our E.U. red lines.... simple Oh yea I understand you expect E.U. to go flat belly or blinking … from beginning they where straight forward what was possible , U.K. deceived his self by thinking E.U. would do … until even now About that contribution … if it did not benefit you I would call them stupid's , now no contributions anymore , but still nagging to get the benefits ….. That pragmatism you call looks more a missed opportunity for U.K. only benefit I was asked about what would be good for everyone financially, not what will or won't damage the EU's ego. Everyone would benefit if the UK gets a fairer deal. With respect, you need to understand what a border down the Irish Sea would mean for the Unionists in NI. They would see it as segregation from the rest of the UK, and a step towards a United Ireland.
  8. The result can not be that the EU, without the UK, the union of 27 European countries, should give up their right to exempt the common market just because the UK wants out. You basically did not understand the concept of a common market of 27/28 countries. I thought we were talking about what would be good for everyone, and cause the least damage to everyone? Why not give the UK special treatment after 40+ years of being one of the 3 biggest contributors? It's not arrogance, or cherry picking. It's just good sense.
  9. And that make you Happy? Why are you happy that everyone is feeling worse? So Brexit is just destructive. Please write something that will be good for everyone after the 31st of october. The EU could very easily decide to renegotiate and agree to a deal that doesn't try to divide the UK (i.e. without the backstop), and allow trade relations to remain relatively unscathed. That would be good for everyone. But the EU seem intent on punishing the UK for wanting to leave the club despite our huge contribution over the past 40+ years. You may call this 'cake and eat it'. I call it pragmatism; doing what's best for all of us.
  10. The remain contingency (Gina Miller etc.) have not yet established whether they can legally stop Boris from allowing us to leave on 31st October. As things stand Boris can sit on his hands and we'll leave on Oct 31st, deal or no deal. No matter how excited Corbyn is about getting his slippers under the table in no.10, he'll never gain enough support from across the HoC to be the caretaker PM. He's far too divisive. Unfortunately, even if Tusk and co agree to remove the backstop I don't know if enough MPs will vote in favour of the new deal. For sure Corbyn / Labour won't vote in favour of any deal negotiated by the Tories no matter how good it is. The Lib Dems want to remain, so they won't back it. So ironically it could be Labour and the Lib Dems who end up forcing us to leave without a deal!
  11. The rules of a referendum are clear. The electorate are asked to vote, the votes are counted, and the results are announced. Leave got roughly 52% of the vote, and Remain got roughly 48% of the vote. That was the result of the referendum. What do you hope to achieve by using a different methodology?
  12. This type of detailed analysis could not have been carried out and written down in less than a month, so it's obviously content taken from earlier reports prepared by civil servants. I suspect the purpose was to look into all the areas where concerns have been raised, and ensure we have contingency plans. It's just sensible due diligence. If I was running the country I'd want to use reports prepared by the most pessimistic civil servants so that all bases are covered. That's why there are so many outrageous claims in the report. It has been leaked by one of the Tory remaniacs and made to look like a report detailing what will actually happen. I'm amazed so many people have been taken in by this!
  13. So the voters …. the people like him …. ain't that not the principle of party's..., or is it like now that a select group appoint a P.M. whiteout any PEOPLES election ? So don't cry about the will of the people not respected as for him it keeps him in the seat …..how things can be fun in politic life...lol No, not the voters. The members. Same as the members of the Conservative party voted in Boris as their leader.
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