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  1. So you think opting out of the single currency along with eight other member states is the same as opting out of a vaccine program during a pandemic that all the other member states agreed to is the same sort of thing? I don't.
  2. When will it sink in Please stop repeating stuff about EU law allowing this and that. The question is not could we have gone our own way, the question is would we have gone our own way? And obviously we wouldn't have.
  3. Do you expect me to go back in time, reverse the referendum result and see how it plays out with the vaccine program? You're just being pedantic asking for proof. We all know the UK would have found it virtually impossible to go it alone on vaccines had we still been a full EU member. The political ramifications would have been too severe. That's why the remaining 27 member states all opted in. You and your remainer/Europhile friends will deny this of course because it doesn't fit with your agenda.
  4. I'm not surprised you're denying the blatantly obvious. The truth hurts sometimes. It is funny seeing you try to defend the indefensible though
  5. Wrong; see my previous as well as countless others. Brexiteers regularly repeating Hancock and Rees-Moggs lie wont make it true! What in my post was wrong? And which lie from Hancock and Rees-Mog did I repeat?
  6. Comparing leaving a fiscal and political union of 28 countries after 40 years of contribution, to cancelling a Sky subscription. Yeah that works....
  7. You're talking about the UK not joining Schengen or the Euro I assume. That's completely different to not joining a bloc vaccination program during a pandemic. There is no way we'd have gone against the EU and the other 27 member states if we'd still been in the club. If you want to believe otherwise that's up to you.
  8. I didn't expect you to apply common sense, so you're reply is not a surprise
  9. You can repeat this as many times as you like. But if you're honest with yourself you know that if the UK had never voted for Brexit and had still been a full EU member, we'd have been obliged to join the EU vaccine program whether it was in law or not. As it happened we were very much viewed as a 3rd country to the EU, so we had no obligations morally or legally. That's why the UK went alone and has so far had huge success with the vaccine roll out.
  10. Because the UK were members, friends, allies, contributors (financially and intellectually) for 40 years?
  11. Why do you keep repeating the same nonsense? Government spending on preparation at £6.3billion - I accept that. Then there's that £130billion of guesswork from the EU cheerleaders at Bloomberg again!!! I'm not going to keep going around in circles here.
  12. There is some data to suggest the uncertainty over Brexit caused some losses in investment. You have not published any data to support billions lost as a direct result of leaving the EU. But what we can see for sure is since we finally left the EU and the transition period ended, the pound is starting to go up. You remainers have rejoiced every time the pound has fallen over the past 4-5 years. Yet when the pound is going up you go into denial mode
  13. No, the end of uncertainty over long term effects will be gradual. Tentative. Nobody knows the long term impacts now because it's not been long enough. But the signs are positive, hence the strengthening pound. The big drop after the Brexit vote was a case of panic and r's covering. Following the crowd.
  14. I understood the money markets after the referendum. The markets were reacting to the uncertainty, as they always do. What we're seeing now is the start of a gradual recovery as there is more certainty (around Brexit at least).
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