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  1. Didnt ask about that actually. Just asked if i could do a 60 day extension with a expired multiple entry non-o so i could season the 400k. My non-0 entry expired 14 june. I think i read the report you talked about and that seems to be regarding the embassy letter covid extension and alot of people had the same problem and some was even told go back back home because according to some io's the amnesty didnt cover people who used those extensions.
  2. I was down at our office some weeks ago and talked to the boss and he said this could be done without any issues as long as the money is seasoned. They checked my passport e.tc so they knew the dates of my old non-o entry stamp. I use the Satun office btw.
  3. So for example if im on a 60 day extension with the purpose of seasoning 400k in the bank then i have to apply for the 1 year extension 15 days or ealier before that extension runs out? So if one put the required money in a thai bank 2 months before the expiry of the 60 day extension then it wouldnt be seasoned long enough for a 1 year extension? So basically if doing this now before the amnesty runs out you would need to start seasoning the money atleast 17 days before applying for the first extension? I am supposed to apply for 60 day extension on the 15th for this reason but if this is this case then i would have to wait to apply for that extension until 30-31th to make up for the lost 15 days.
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