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  1. And, are you actually in Thailand now ? or are you trying to join from America ? I just saw this written in another thaivisa forum: "If you are American approval/verification of your application can not be approved now as Bitkub's legal team has not finalized the compliance/verification requirements yet for Americans. Your application/verification will be placed in indefinite hold until Bitkub finalize compliance/verification requirements. This per Bitkub today." So, it sounds like a bureaucratic thing. Maybe keep asking them (every week or two) if they h
  2. Did you get any reason why you were not accepted ? The customer service 'online chat' (in the bottom right corner of the screen) is actually very quick and helpful. Perhaps ask them why you were rejected. To join BitKub, you dont need to show your visa at all. You just need to show your passport photo page, and it has to MATCH the exact name on your Thai Bank, (and, if my memory is correct, you also need to take a photo of yourself holding your passport in one hand, with a piece of paper in the other hand which you have written BitKub and signed). * maybe i'm mixing the last par
  3. A few years ago I used to trade with BX Thailand. It was very reliable for me but then, (shortly after the crypto market crashed) it folded up and is no longer operating. Now the market seems exciting again so I'd like to start buying coins again. But I have no idea which exchange is a good one. I've heard about BitKub. Is this pretty much the best one? or are there other more reliable ones? Please can someone recommend a legitimate and good exchange? My funds are in Krungsri bank, so hopefully its still easy to transfer money between my bank and exchange, and vis
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